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Infatica is partnered with Bitdefender, a global leader in cybersecurity, to protect our SDK users from malicious web traffic and content, including infected URLs, untrusted web pages, fraudulent and phishing links, and more.

Platforms we support:

Windows and macOS software monetization

Android apps

Why Is Infatica’s SDK a Good Choice to
Monetize Your Traffic?

Extra income

The SDK allows developers to get extra income - it is compatible with any other monetization method

Instant monetization

With our SDK you are monetizing your users even if they are not visiting your app

Users loyalty

Users prefer to become a peer in our network, rather than watch ads or buy subscriptions.

Better user experience

Keep your retention rate safe due to better user experience - you can offer your app without ads or for free

Transparent rules

We don’t have any hidden terms. All the rules are clear, and we are diligent about following them


The SDK has minimal impact on the size of your app and doesn’t create additional load

Game monetization

Our SDK is the perfect choice among various game monetization models, creating the best user experience for mobile gamers

How Much Can You Earn?

We pay per MAU (Monthly Active Users), 4-6 cents per user.

Start earn money

Please note, that the prices may vary in each individual case


It’s easy to use. You don’t have to work with complex algorithms - it will be effortless to implement our SDK in your app or software. The integration includes the following simple steps:


Receiving and examining the SDK


Implementing the SDK into your code and providing us with a test version to check if everything works correctly


Confirming that the integration works/Fixing the integration with our help




Updating the extension's EULA to inform users that they agree to be part of the Infatica proxy network


Publishing to the Chrome Web Store/Marketplaces

Before you start, make sure you meet publisher requirements

To start working with us, your app or software must have at least 50K+ active users

About Infatica

We are following a challenging goal to make access to public data more available and more automated. Website owners tend to cover some of their information or display different data based on the location of the user, or restrict automated data collection. We are eager to help people automate the process of getting accurate information. That’s why we created a large proxy network with quality IP addresses.

All the peers who join the Infatica P2B (peer-to-business) network give their consent and remain absolutely safe as the infatica-service-app.exe client doesn't impact the device in any negative way. Each client of our network goes through the verification process and we review every customer who uses our proxies.

Join Infatica network and generate more income from your app

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