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Residental Proxy
From $360/mo to $1 per Gb
  • 60+ Millions IP Addresses
  • Peer to Business proxy with rotation, residential ISP
Mobile Proxy
From $300/mo to $2 per Gb
  • 35+ Millions IP Addresses
  • Peer to Business proxy with rotation, mobile ISP
Web Scraper API
From $25/mo
  • 150 Geolocations, Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Get the HTML from any web page with a API request

High Speed IP Addresses. Real Residential Locations.

Simple Pricing Plans

Choose between fixed monthly pricing per IP address with lower usage charges - or pay by the GB for residential socks5 service.

User-friendly dashboard

Enjoy the features intuitively available in the dashboard: check your IP list, trigger rotation, change your GEO and others

Rotating option

Change IP addresses with each request for maximum anonymity and geographic coverage

the How and the Why

Infatica offers residential, mobile and datacenter proxy plans that are tailored to meet your needs for bandwidth, speed, anonymity and economy.
  • How it works

    Using an Infatica proxy, you or your server appear to the host as if you were a local internet customer

  • Why use a proxy?

    Access the web anonymously for research, testing and tracking

  • Why Socks proxies

    Socks/http proxies provide the most flexible access available for connecting to any web service on any port

  • Why use a Mobile proxy?

    View competitors' mobile ads and mobile app download availability through a selection of mobile providers.

  • What about Datacenter proxies?

    Datacenter proxies offer the lowest pricing available, with very high speed. They do not cloak you as a real residential or mobile subscriber.

  • Why Infatica?

    Infatica is designed, configured and managed to support commercial testing and research with the highest data quality and guaranteed anonymity

Competitive Advantages of Residential Proxies

Advertising network monitoring

See local ads as they are delivered to the end-user. Find and shut down malicious advertisements.

PPC quality control

Based on your market size, get the right package to be a good steward of your ad budget.

Localized Search

Sample data from anywhere to pinpoint specific local results or to reduce bias in a large sample set

Open Access

Circumvent blocks that commercial websites erect to protect their sites from foreign access and bots

White Hat Security

Test your own assets for imperviousness to simulated high traffic loads

Purchase Validation

Pose as a digital secret shopper to check that the ads you bought are really showing as promised

How Industrial Clients Use Infatica

You can be or do almost anything with Infatica, including but not limited to these use cases:

Premium Private Proxies


Invest in your brand, your strategy and your data quality, with a range of options to suit all needs and budgets.


Our commercial proxies are protected from blacklisting by intelligent rotation and a strictly enforced anti-abuse policy


To safeguard your privacy and business secrets, your data is encrypted end to end.


Start Plan
40GB / month
  • 9.00$ / GB
Pro Plan
100GB / month
  • 7.00$ / GB
Plus Plan
400GB / month
  • 6.00$ / GB
High Volume
1,000GB / month
  • 3.50$ / GB
Bulk Volume
10,000GB / month
  • 2.00$ / GB
Personal Plan
  • Contact for details

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