How to track uptime and performance effectively with proxies

Using proxies for the uptime and performance tracking you can improve your efficiency and automate certain processes. Here is how this tool can help you with your job.

Uptime and Performance Tracking
with Proxies

It can be challenging to track the uptime and performance of your app or website if you have an international audience. You need to make sure that the service is available and works well for users from all locations. Proxies are here to simplify and automate this process.

Change locations on a whim

It’s extremely effortless to change locations when you use proxies. We have a very large pool of IP addresses from numerous countries so that you don’t feel limited when tracking the uptime and performance of your project. With our proxies you can make sure that users from all the countries can access your app or website, the content is displayed properly for everyone, and the loading time is decent from all locations.

Create an artificial load

Using dedicated tools along with proxies you can see if your app or website can handle large amounts of traffic to be sure it won’t crash in peak times. Proxies will help you avoid the situations when your server considers your activity to be a DDOS attack and blocks you. By dynamically changing your IP addresses proxies will help you test the performance of your service as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Continuously monitor the system

You can find tools that will monitor your app or website 24/7 to detect any downtimes or issues with performance. Proxy servers will take this process to the next level as they will allow you to track the project from different locations. Then you can see the response time and any issues users from various countries face.

See how you can customize
the experience

Users from different countries might have slightly different approaches to using your product. That’s why you might want to create several UX designs or types of content to fit the requirements of a specific audience. Then you need to make sure that the tailored interface works properly for its users. Proxies will help you to test new content and design continuously from the required location.

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