The economy and performance of datacenter proxies

High throughput. Low cost. Very private.
Scrape at Scale

Infatica datacenter proxies have the widest pipes, letting your team harvest GBs of data every month.

Control Costs

Infatica datacenter packages offer budget-friendly access to a global pool of IP addresses.

Stay Private

Our exclusive datacenter proxies let you surf in solitude while they cloak your true identity.

Why choose Datecenter Proxies

What's an exclusive datacenter proxy?

Infatica datacenter proxies let you surf anonymously at datacenter speeds from the location of your choice. Surfing exclusively means only you can access the proxy. You are not competing for bandwidth. You will not be penalized due to a neighbor's risky behavior.
Script calls the proxy
Proxy responds
Accesses the website
Website responds

Monitor your brand. React swiftly to protect it.

These days, a brand can't be too careful. Counterfeiters aren't the only threat. Malicious competitors, frustrated suppliers - even unhappy customers can tarnish your good name online. Infatica datacenter proxies are the right tool for brands like yours to monitor their mentions online.

Gather market intel without leaving a footprint.

Collecting market data about your competitors, vendors and clients may not be easy. They might block your IP or track your sessions. Exclusive Infatica datacenter proxies make it easier to collect that data anonymously, at scale.


Start Plan
40GB / month
  • 9.00$ / GB
Pro Plan
100GB / month
  • 7.00$ / GB
Plus Plan
400GB / month
  • 6.00$ / GB
High Volume
1,000GB / month
  • 3.50$ / GB
Bulk Volume
10,000GB / month
  • 2.00$ / GB
Personal Plan
  • Contact for details

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