Ethical Code

Infatica follows a strict ethical code to make sure that the proxy network and its usage doesn’t violate anyone’s rights and privacy. These rules lay in the core of Infatica’s activity. They guarantee that our proxy network is secure, safe for everyone, and by all means ethical.

All our peers give their consent

Infatica provides residential and mobile proxies through Infatica SDK. All peers who join the Infatica P2B (peer-to-business) network give their consent and remain absolutely safe as Infatica’s service app doesn’t impact the device in any negative way. Each client of our network goes through the verification process and we review every customer who uses our proxies.

Users of such apps always have an opportunity to leave or join the Infatica network again. Once they become our peers, in exchange they use the app without seeing annoying ads. Or if there are some paid features, Infatica peers might get them for free. All users that joined the Infatica network give their consent to become our peers and can opt-out at any moment.

We don’t create any inconvenience

We route the traffic through the devices of our peers only if a gadget meets certain strict conditions. First of all, it must be idle which means that it’s not used by a peer at all at the moment. Also, we make sure that the device is connected to a WiFi network – we do our best to use the least possible amount of mobile data. Finally, the gadget must have enough battery power or be put on charge.

Better user experience

Developers that integrate Infatica SDK into their apps have a chance to improve the experience for their users as they can get rid of annoying ads while still getting the revenue. Our peers are rather satisfied with the terms we offer. They are not affected by us rerouting traffic through their devices since we do that only when the gadget meets certain criteria. And also, they get to use an ad-free app. In some cases, our peers receive free access to paid features.

We know our customers

We meticulously study every client who wants to use Infatica proxies to make sure that their usage meets our high standards. If we detect any suspicious activity executed with the use of our proxies, we cut access to our services for such a user. Also, all clients have to sign our compliance statement and verify their identities to gain access to our proxies. Thus, we protect our other customers from any impact the malicious use of proxies might cause.

We don’t collect user data

Infatica SDK doesn’t collect any data about the peers. All we need are the IP addresses and nothing more. The privacy of our peers doesn’t get violated at any point while they remain the part of the Infatica network.

We monitor the user activity

Infatica’s team handles every abuse report by studying it and blocking a suspicious customer. We combine our internal forces with the help of third-party reports to detect when someone is using our proxies for malicious purposes and shows unethical behavior. Such customers swiftly lose access to Infatica’s services.

Only white-hat activity

We have a list of cases when we allow the use of Infatica proxies. This list includes data gathering for marketing research, website testing, brand protection, price comparison, and other similar activities that aim for gaining business intelligence. We do not allow customers to use our proxies for malicious intentions.

GDPR compliance

Infatica is fully compliant with GDPR and is dedicated to following existing and emerging rules. We are passionate about making the Internet a secure place and protecting the privacy of our customers, peers, and partners. That’s why we put a lot of effort into making sure that our activity fully complies with all the laws regarding data protection. By following GDPR and other relevant regulations we ensure privacy and safety for everyone who is somehow connected to the Infatica network.