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Web scraping – tailored just for you

If you want to leverage the power of web data for your business, you need to collect data from various websites that are relevant to your niche. Web data can help you monitor your competitors, analyze customer feedback, generate leads, and discover new opportunities. But there’s a challenge: Websites often have different back-end intricacies that make web scraping difficult. They may use dynamic content, JavaScript frameworks, login forms, or other anti-scraping measures that can prevent you from extracting data. That’s why you need Infatica’s Custom Scraper – a flexible, reliable, and efficient data extraction tool powered by Infatica’s proxy network. We can tailor our scrapers to any website or preference.

What is a Custom Scraper?

Infatica’s Custom Scraper is a software tool that extracts data from any website on the internet. This data includes information such as product details, prices, reviews, contact information, and social media posts.Infatica’s Custom Scraper is a useful tool for businesses, analysts, and researchers who want to collect data on markets, customers, competitors, or opportunities.

Infatica Custom Scraper features

Data is the key to success for any business — and it can help you gain valuable insights and opportunities. To access this data, you need a reliable data extraction tool that can handle web scraping challenges. Custom Scraper is the perfect solution for this task: It is designed to be flexible and efficient, and it can access any website on the internet and extract its data for you. With Infatica’s powerful proxy network, our Custom Scrapers can easily overcome common data extraction hurdles: anti-scraping mechanisms, request blocks, and blacklists.

Collect data from any online platform

The web has a variety of data that you can benefit from, such as product details, prices, reviews, contact information, and social media posts. Our powerful Custom Scraper can handle any web data type — this gives you a more comprehensive view of web behavior, enabling you to better analyze and understand your markets, customers, competitors, and opportunities.

Easy-to-use yet powerful scraping API

Custom Scraper can also serve as the basis for your custom web scraping solutions: Our API is adaptable for both small- and large-scale projects. Use Custom Scraper API if you want more flexibility over your data extraction workflow. Getting started with the API and making your first call is simple: Just get the token and perform a basic cURL request.

Stay anonymous and bypass restrictions

Custom Scraper is powered by Infatica’s proxy network, ensuring that the requests you send have a high success rate. Websites protect their data with all sorts of mechanisms (CAPTCHAs, request blocks, and blacklists) but proxies allow us to bypass them without triggering anti-scraping systems. Custom Scraper saves your time as you don’t have to spend resources troubleshooting scraping issues anymore.

Features of our advanced custom scraping suite

10+ million IPs

Residential and datacenter proxy network managed by Infatica


Less IP bans and CAPTCHAs thanks to proxy rotation and real desktop/mobile devices

JavaScript rendering

Access dynamic web content and extract data from any source with ease

Custom headers and sessions

Mimic any browser or device. Maintain persistent connections and cookies

7-day trial

Test our Scraper API performance using 5,000 requests

100+ global locations

IP geo targeting across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia

CSV, XLSX, and JSON support

Save data in a convenient format for further analysis and processing

Extensive documentation & 24/7 support

Sync & Async API, Python & JavaScript code snippets, error handling, and 24/7 support

What Customers Say about us

Our web scraping clients come from different backgrounds and create both small- and large-scale projects, utilizing the data they collect. Whatever your project may be, we would be pleased to have you as our client.

“Excellent service and customer care! For the first time, I bought a proxy on Infatica last year. I immediately bribed the responsiveness of the support, they helped me choose the tariff I needed for my purposes, and they actively answered all the questions later. There are no complaints about the proxies themselves; everything suits me)”

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Aug 19, 2023

A nice service

I've been using the Infatica Global Proxy Network for a few months now, and I must say that it has greatly impressed me with its performance and reliability. As someone who relies on proxies for various tasks, including web scraping and anonymity, I can confidently say that Infatica has been a game-changer.

Azeem U.
Aug 30, 2023

Great experience, only had 1 issue

The proxies are new, clean and usually the websites don't ask me for captcha

Astrasoft H.
Mar 17, 2023

They have a large pool of residential IPs

I have been using Infatica's residential proxies for a few months now and I am very satisfied with their service. The proxies are fast, reliable and have helped me to access data and content that was previously unavailable to me. What I appreciate most about Infatica is the quality of their proxies. They have a large pool of residential IPs that are constantly refreshed and are less likely to be detected and blocked by websites. This has helped me to collect data without any interruptions or disruptions, which is crucial for my work.

Mike S.
Feb 20, 2023

I was very impressed with Infatica

I was very impressed by the fact that in addition to the standard proxy plans I used to use, I can ask for a customized plan where I can choose what traffic limit I want, how many proxies I have in my account and so on. Obviously, the price is calculated from my requirements, it is beneficial for me because I use a lot of traffic and the limits provided by standard plans such as Light or Start are too limited for me.

Michael L.
Mar 01, 2023

The web scraper API that works well for me

Infatica provides a great solution for parsing sites - API web scraper, which works well for me, when I had the problem with frequent requests to pass the captcha that slowed down my work, I was offered to use the resident proxy in combination with parser, which Infatica kindly provided, technical support helped me to setup parser for work with proxy, problem was solved.

Gabriel I.
Mar 13, 2023

Infatica is moving in the right direction

I'm happy using Infatica's proxies because they work well, but I'm having a hard time understanding the code needed to use them. I have noticed that Infatica is making progress by releasing the Rest API for proxies and updating the parser to a new version. I express my hope that in the future the app will come out and be more user friendly. I am grateful to technical support for their help in setting up the proxies, as I could not have done it on my own.

Arina D.
Feb 06, 2023

This is a great experience.

More than 3 months of using Infatica have shown that their residential proxies are worth their price, high success rate and high connection speeds are what I and my team are comfortable working with and we will continue to work with Infatica.

Artur P.
Oct 13, 2023

Finally found something that works well

I use their web scraper. It works with all types of websites, even new React ones.

Goran C.
May 24, 2023

Fast proxies and good service with Infatica

I really like how fast Infatica's proxies are, and the number of different countries they have available

Valeriia D.
Jun 27, 2023

Infatica - outstanding reliable proxy provider

I really appreciate Infatica's extensive global network of proxies, their top-notch solutions and the simplicity of their interface.

Khrystyna Y.
Rated 4.8 / 5 by G2 users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is web scraping?

    Web scraping is the process of collecting data from websites in an automated way. Web scraping can be used for various purposes, such as market research, price monitoring, data analysis, lead generation, etc.
  • What is a web scraper/parser?

    A web scraper/parser is a software application that can access web resources and extract required information. A web scraper/parser can also convert the extracted data into a structured format, such as CSV, JSON, XML, etc.
  • How does a web scraper/parser work?

    A web scraper/parser works by sending HTTP requests to the target website and receiving HTML responses. Then, it parses the HTML and locates the data elements using selectors, such as ID, class name, XPath, etc. Finally, it extracts the data and stores it locally or exports it to another system.
  • What are the benefits of using custom web scrapers/parsers?

    Custom web scrapers/parsers are tailored to your specific needs and requirements. They can handle complex websites with dynamic content, JavaScript frameworks, pagination, login forms, etc. They can also scrape data at scale and with high accuracy and reliability.
  • How can I get custom web scrapers/parsers?

    You can get custom web scrapers/parsers from us. We are a professional web scraping company that provides high-quality data extraction solutions for any website. We can build custom web scrapers/parsers for you according to your specifications and deliver the data in your preferred format. Contact us today for a free quote.