How marketing managers can benefit
from proxies?

Accurate and complete information is key to a successful marketing campaign.
Learn how proxies can help you gather data efficiently and quickly without any hassle.

How to use proxies for marketing

An effective marketing campaign heavily relies on quality analysis and data. However, sometimes it’s not that easy to gather all the needed information due to certain restrictions marketing managers face. Proxies are an efficient solution that will help you bypass limitations and acquire the data you need to promote your business.

Market research

Businesses tend to show users different information based on their location or prevent visitors from certain countries from accessing their websites. Therefore, marketing managers might have a hard time trying to acquire real information about such companies, their products, prices, target audience, and other details. With proxies for market research, you can gain complete transparency when looking for certain data. All you need to do is to switch to a proxy server located in the required country and browse the source website while remaining completely anonymous.

Also, viewing the information precisely the way the target audience sees it marketing managers can gain valuable insights on how to improve their strategies. With proxies, it’s easy to get specific data that was intended for consumers from particular locations. You will be able to get complete and accurate information without any restrictions.

Ad verification

Poorly targeted or incorrectly displayed ads are fatal for a business. They drain the budget a lot while bringing little to none profit. Using proxies you can make sure that your messages reach your target audience, and the ads are displayed properly. Also, switching locations you can check out the ads of your competitors to see their strategies and, perhaps, pick up some of them for your business.

Protect your brand

When you pay other website owners so that they advertise your business to their visitors, you want to make sure the ads are not only displayed properly but safe as well. With proxies, you can detect non-compliant ads and verify that your messages are free from malware and lead to the correct pages. Also, using proxies, you can see if the KPIs the source website provided you with are true. This will help you protect your campaigns, avoid wasting the budget, and maximize the ROI.

Work with social media

The more accounts on social media platforms you have, the easier it is to promote your business there. Proxies will help you to avoid getting those accounts blocked by masking your real IP address. Therefore, you can maximize the efficiency of your activity on social media platforms by switching between proxy servers choosing different locations for each account.

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