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Identify impostor websites. Combat counterfeit retailers. Shutter unauthorized distributors.

Why Would a Brand Need Access to Residential Proxies?

Product counterfeiters use social media, shopping websites and web domains to advertise and sell low quality imitations.

Major global brands like Luxottica have successfully detected and brought down counterfeiting operations by mapping their online marketing systems. Discovery begins with launching bots that mimic everyday consumers where they live: at home on their laptops, or on their 3G/4G mobile devices.

Using Infatica residential proxies, consumer brand managers are able to intercept all manner of surreptitious advertising through channels like Facebook feeds, email spam, popup websites and marketplace sellers.

Counterfeit Ads and Fraudulent Sites

It often goes like this: brand fans who "like" a brand's official page soon begin to see counterfeit product ads.
The fake ads lead to one or more fraudulent websites or to unauthorized Amazon, Ebay or Alibaba stores.

Infatica's wide footprint lets global brands emulate real consumers to trap the counterfeitors everywhere they advertise and sell.

The Consumer Brand's Evidence-Gathering Challenge

Consumer product counterfeiters own astonishing expertise in at least three areas: product manufacturing, digital marketing and hiding profits. A brand must enlist gray-hat tactics to out-fox the perpetrators.

Cloaking their digital identity behind a proxy network allows the brand to quickly but quietly build an airtight case against the counterfeiters.

Why Consumer Brands Choose Infatica

True Residential Proxies

Infatica maintains a global network of available proxies in many countries and most US states.

When a pricing aggregator needs all the room rates for all hotels, they can do no better than to capture this data from the real IP addresses of real people in their homes.

Dense Global Coverage

Whether you need just a few proxies, or thousands, you'll have access to a broadly distributed pool.

Consumer brands need to catch counterfeiters wherever they advertise and sell, so they will love this capability. How do we do it? We have built a trusted consumer network that's growing every day.

Stability You Can Rely On

Yes, we can rotate you periodically to keep you under the blocking and blacklisting threshold, but there are cases where you need a persistent connection.

Either way, Infatica's residential proxies are rock steady, to guarantee that your jobs complete on time and on schedule.

Consumer Brand Managers Love Infatica

Our dedicated team of network engineers and tech support staff has helped major consumer brands to protect their intellectual property, reputation and retail markets.

Hear what clients are saying:

"We used the Infatica network to take down a notorious ring of fake websites as well as their online distribution hubs. Our counter-intelligence operatives were able to remain unnoticed long enough for us to file international lawsuits."
- Chief Information Officer, a portfolio of global consumer brands


Start Plan
40GB / month
  • 9.00$ / GB
Pro Plan
100GB / month
  • 7.00$ / GB
Plus Plan
400GB / month
  • 6.00$ / GB
High Volume
1,000GB / month
  • 3.50$ / GB
Bulk Volume
10,000GB / month
  • 2.00$ / GB
Personal Plan
  • Contact for details

Protect Your Brand with Infatica

If you are a consumer brand looking into how to protect your assets against counterfeiters, please contact us today for a no-cost consultation. We are happy to provide a binding estimate for any number of residential Socks/http proxies in the geography of your choice.