How proxies can improve
academic research

Proxies make the Interned more accessible for researchers. Learn how this technology can help you obtain the most relevant and detailed information without restrictions.

The use of proxies for academic

The Internet should give researchers more freedom. However, often the enormous amount of data and a huge number of potential sources create more hardships than benefits. It’s very hard to acquire the data you need from an endlessly large pool and make sure it’s relevant. Moreover, a lot of sources of information have certain restrictions that will make the research even more complex. Proxies can help you solve all the issues you might face during academic research.

Bypass restrictions by the location

Some sources might not want users from certain countries to view their data for various reasons. Using proxies you can change your location and access the information you need. A proxy server will help you remain absolutely anonymous while allowing you to browse the Internet without any restrictions.

We have a large pool of IP addresses gathered from numerous countries, so it won’t be
an issue for you to find the location you need for your research project.

Automate data gathering

There is a lot of information on the Internet, and it’s virtually impossible to gather all the required data manually. Fortunately, you can use scrapers that will acquire the information you need and present it to you in a convenient format that’s easy to work with. However, not all websites will allow scrapers on their pages. That’s where proxies are useful – to bypass the anti-scraping measures website owners use. Implementing proxy servers along with a quality scraper you can speed up your research significantly and obtain more high-quality information.

Stay safe and anonymous

It’s unlikely for you to become a target for malefactors if you’re doing personal research. But those who work for organizations and perform researches as a part of their jobs should take care of their privacy. Hackers might target such users to intercept their connection and sensitive data. Proxies will safeguard your connection and keep you anonymous online by covering your authentic IP address with the data of a proxy server. Thus, it will be impossible for hackers to cause you any harm and steal your information. Also, anonymity will be useful if you don’t want anyone to know that your company is performing research.

Get relevant and true data

Some websites might display different information for users from different countries.
With proxies, you can alter your location and see if the data changes as you switch between proxy servers. Doing that you can make sure you gather true information so that your research is successful and effective.


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