SEO proxies for data gathering

SEO specialists greatly rely on data about the website they’re working with and sites of
their competitors. Proxies will make the data gathering much easier and faster.

Proxies for SEO

Ever faced challenges trying to gather data for search engine optimization? Learn how proxies can help you avoid hardships and automate the acquisition of information.

Website audit

It is a crucial process for a successful SEO campaign. Website audits supply you with the information on what things you need to fix, and what actions you can implement to improve the positions of your website in search engines. While there are tools that will do the generic research for you, sometimes you need a more in-depth analysis that can be executed with the help of scrapers.

Then you will also need proxies that will help you avoid getting blocked while you gather the data you need. You will be able to acquire information not just from your website, but from your competitors’ ones as well because proxies will let you stay anonymous so that your rivals don’t detect your activity. Therefore, you can sneak into their SEO strategies and see how efficient their practices are. It’s always better to use what’s proven to work rather than trying to figure out what’s working by yourself.

Location-based rank tracking

If you need to know the ranks of yours or your competitor’s website in different countries, proxies will be a great aid. This tool will let you see the search results just as users from the required location see them. It’s much easier and cheaper to use proxies than working with local specialists. Geo-targeted IP addresses will allow you to get precise and quick results without you putting too much effort into this process.

Location-based content research

Often businesses that have international target audiences would offer different content to users from different countries. It’s a very thoughtful approach as it helps to provide visitors with a tailored experience and, as a result, gain their trust and loyalty. Also, location-targeted content will help you improve your ranks in certain countries. Using proxies, you can see your competitors’ content strategies and understand what you should do to get higher positions in search results.

Targeting verification

Targeted ads are a big part of search engine optimization, and it’s crucial for targeting to be perfectly correct. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of money without getting the desired result. Using proxies, you can see if the ads are displayed correctly for users from certain countries by just switching your locations. Also, you get to see the advertisement activity of your competitors and, perhaps, get some useful insights.

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