Fast Anonymous Mobile Residential Proxies

Upscale your business processes using speedy and anonymous residential mobile proxies. Over 1 million IPs, flexible pricing, 24/7 support available.

Mobile Residential Proxies

Enjoy complete freedom using Infatica’s advanced mobile proxies. Feel the power of fast
3G/4G real IPs from around the world.

Over 1 million IPs

Vast choice of locations

High speed

Zero delays and issues

Perfect anonymity

Only real IPs

Honest approach

100% compliant network

5 USA locations

With 3 mobile network operators in each of them

Complete freedom

Choose IPs from around the world to eliminate any limits online

Only 3G and 4G IPs

Truly anonymous and high-speed mobile proxies at your service

What is a mobile proxy?

With Infatica you will have access to real residential mobile IP addresses that are issued by a mobile ISP and assigned only to mobile devices. Use them to narrow your search and get more specific data from the Internet.

How customers use Infatica
mobile proxies

Uptime and Performance

Make sure your users don’t experience any issues when using your app, service, or website from their portable devices. Our mobile proxies will let you see the interface through the eyes of your target audience.

Search Engine

Check if mobile users can reach your website just as easily as desktop ones. Using our proxies, you can verify your targeted ad campaigns and control the positions of your site in search results on portable devices.


Harness the power of anonymity to make sure you always remain protected from online threats. With Infatica’s residential mobile proxies you will have the vast choice of locations and impeccable security.

Brand Protection

Detect and eliminate any malefactors that are trying to take advantage of your brand. Use mobile proxies to expand your search and spot every single attempt to steal your intellectual property.

Data Collection

When you need to collect data that is available only for users of portable devices, mobile proxies are the irreplaceable tool. Leverage Infatica’s large pool and real IPs to gather all the information you need.


3 000 PROXIES / 5 MBIT/S
  • IPs 3,000
  • Channel of 5 MBit/s included
  • Rotating proxy pool
8 000 PROXIES / 5 MBIT/S
  • IPs 8,000
  • Channel of 5 MBit/s included
  • Rotating proxy pool
20000 PROXIES / 10 MBIT/S
  • IPs 20,000
  • Channel of 10 MBit/s included
  • Rotating proxy pool