The diverse use cases of Infatica proxies

Infatica's client profiles
Infatica's clients rely on our proxy network to build all kinds of innovative products. These are the most common profiles of our clients:

Price aggregation platforms

Infatica proxies help them collect real-time data accurately to make shopping easier.

Cybersecurity companies

Infatica proxies help cybersecurity companies simulate attacks from different locations and devices to test their defenses and identify vulnerabilities.

Brand protection agencies

Infatica proxies help brand protection agencies monitor online marketplaces and websites for counterfeit products, trademark infringements and unauthorized sellers.

SEO companies

Infatica proxies help SEO companies analyze search engine rankings, optimize keywords and track competitors’ performance across different regions and platforms.

Uptime and performance tracking suites

Infatica proxies help uptime and performance tracking software measure the availability and speed of websites and applications from different locations and networks.


Infatica proxies help academics access and collect data from various sources and regions for their research projects and publications.


Infatica proxies help marketers conduct market research, test campaigns and generate leads from different audiences and geographies.

Corporate protection companies

Infatica proxies help corporate protection companies detect and prevent fraud, phishing and data breaches by masking their online activities and identity.