Proxies for price aggregators

Independent data acquisition for new market entrants and global leaders

Why Would a Pricing Aggregator Need Residential Proxies?

New and scaling price aggregators need to get their data the hard way:
by visiting the vendor sites just as a consumer would, without getting blocked or blacklisted.

And leading global aggregators still need a way to validate that negotiated vendor feeds are accurate: visiting vendor sites under cover of legitimate residential proxies.

The Price Aggregator's Data Acquisition Challenge

Consumers visit aggregation sites like PriceLine, and with high expectations for data freshness and accuracy.

Harvesting all of this microtargeted information without a trusted vendor feed requires multiple independent crawls of the target site, from various access points.

The Price Aggregator's Data Quality Challenge

Vendors protect their websites from brute force hacking, competitor web scraping and other threats by blocking and blacklisting suspicious traffic. However, they must allow regular, trusted consumers to browse and buy without friction. Herein lies the challenge and the opportunity.

Whether acquiring fresh, accurate and complete datasets or validating the quality of direct vendor feeds, price aggregators need a high-volume, highly anonymous vehicle to query vendor websites. That's why more aggregators are using Infatica's global pool of residential proxies.

Why are Price Aggregators Choosing Infatica?

True Residential Proxies

Infatica maintains a global network of available proxies in many countries and most US states.

When a pricing aggregator needs all the room rates for all hotels, they can do no better than to capture this data from the real IP addresses of real people in their homes.

Affordable Bandwidth on All Plans

Whether you need just a few proxies, or thousands, you'll get affordable bandwidth.

Pricing aggregators pull down a lot of text and images, so they will love this capability. How do we do it? We plan capacity, monitor network availability and we don't oversell.

Stability You Can Rely On

Yes, we can rotate you periodically to keep you under the blocking and blacklisting threshold, but there are cases where you need a persistent connection.

Either way, Infatica's residential proxies are rock steady, to guarantee that your jobs complete on time and on schedule.

Price Aggregators Love Infatica

Our talented staff of network engineering geeks has helped more than one pricing aggregator to validate vendor data feeds. Infatica is also the preferred proxy provider to a small but ambitious cadre of insurgent players in the aggregator space.

"Infatica is our go-to solution for crawling the hospitality sector. Their combination of rotating sox proxies and no data limits just makes sense for our young operation."
- Chief Data Scientist, a regional hotel industry price aggregator


Start Plan
40GB / month
  • 9.00$ / GB
Pro Plan
100GB / month
  • 7.00$ / GB
Plus Plan
400GB / month
  • 6.00$ / GB
High Volume
1,000GB / month
  • 3.50$ / GB
Bulk Volume
10,000GB / month
  • 2.00$ / GB
Personal Plan
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