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Data is key in all business areas – and HTTP/SOCKS5 residential proxies can provide secure and anonymous access to the data of any major platform. If you’re looking to buy residential IP addresses that are optimized for reliability, high performance, and maximum uptime, contact Infatica today!
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Infatica in Numbers

Infatica's products are trusted and recommended by many customers from different industries and domains. Here's how Infatica is rated across various platforms:
8.7/10 by ProxyWay
4.8/5 by G2

What you get with our Residential proxy network

Residential proxies are a network of intermediaries that enhance your anonymity and online security. Each IP address is sourced from local all across the globe – this allows you global access to any website for easy data collection.

99,9% uptime and maximum performance

Enjoy a reliable and fast connection and unlimited concurrent sessions that never let you down. Infatica’s fastest residential proxies guarantee a 99,9% uptime and deliver maximum performance for your web scraping needs.

Avoid CAPTCHAs, IP address bans, and other anti-scraping measures

Access any website without triggering any anti-scraping measures. You can avoid CAPTCHAs, IP bans, and other obstacles by using real IPs from real users across the globe.

Millions of IPs in major cities across Americas, Europe, and Asia

Utilize a wide range of IPs from millions of devices in major cities across Americas, Europe, and Asia. You can choose the best location for your target website and switch IPs as often as you want.

Global Portfolio of Residential IPs

Location-based data collection is vital for targeting local markets: it allows you to make informed decisions, monitor your competitors, and build better products. Infatica’s residential proxies have powerful geo-targeting capabilities, providing tens of thousands of IPs across the Americas, Europe, and Asia for accessing any public web data. Our top residential proxy locations include:

United States
226090 IPs
792251 IPs
367600 IPs
116173 IPs
274277 IPs
305109 IPs
670301 IPs
374577 IPs
1123823 IPs
367978 IPs
579580 IPs
Saudi Arabia
64697 IPs

Why Customers Prefer Infatica Residential Proxies

Go global

Actionable public web data is spread across different regions, countries, and cities – but procuring it is sometimes impossible due to various geo-restrictions. For e-commerce businesses and price aggregators, entering local markets is vital – but their opportunities for collecting public web data are often limited.

Infatica’s residential proxies solve this issue via geo-targeting, offering a set of major cities in the Americas, Europe, and Asia – now you can scrape local data using real user IPs to create marketing strategies, perform search engine optimization, and more.

Easy-to-use – yet powerful

Proxies are used by countless companies worldwide – and they have to be accessible to both regular business owners and power users who buy residential IPs to work with crucial public web data.

Infatica residential proxy network can be managed via an easy-to-use web interface, which features traffic dashboards, quickstart guides, product & service overviews, and more. For power users requiring more fine-tuning capacities, Infatica offers a proxy management API for better scalability and refined control.

Less CAPTCHAs, more data

All major tech ecosystems understand the importance of their data – and their security practices are built around safeguarding it. A good example is anti-bot systems like reCAPTCHA and Cloudflare, which use a number of factors (including IP addresses) to categorize real users and scrapers. The former enjoy zero IP blocks – and the latter face all sorts of roadblocks, including CAPTCHAs and region blocks.

Infatica’s residential IP address solves this problem by routing traffic to different ip address and masking the IP address, which has the added benefit of privacy. To the anti-bot systems, these requests now appear human-like – and your data collection pipeline will be much more successful. Even if a residential IP does get banned, Infatica’s residential proxy rotation feature ensures that it is quickly replaced with a new one.

Reliability you can count on

Data collection, cybersecurity tests, search engine optimization, and similar activities all have to run without interruptions to stay efficient. A single proxy error may lead to missed data points and fail the entire operation.

Infatica engineers work to improve our stable residential proxy service even further: We’ve managed to build a reliable server infrastructure that boasts 99,9% uptime, low response time, and high request success rate – this allows our clients to gather data using real user IPs without a hiccup.

Languages that go with our residential proxies


Whether you prefer Python, Java, Node.js, or any other popular programming language, you can easily integrate Infatica’s real residential IPs into your web scraping projects with our simple and well-documented API.

Need data? Use Residential proxies for non-stop web scraping

How Customers Use Residential Proxies

Infatica’s products offer rich functionality and can be used in various ways. This is made possible by our network’s robust infrastructure – in every use case, you can rely on Infatica’s residential proxies to avoid roadblocks and deliver accurate data with total anonymity.

Uptime and Performance Tracking

Use residential proxies to monitor the availability and speed of your website or app from different locations and devices using our residential proxy solutions and web scraping services.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your website's search engine rankings and visibility on search engines and scrape and analyze keywords, competitors, and SERPs.


Protect your online assets and data from malicious attacks and threats. Detect and prevent fraud, phishing, hacking, and other cybercrimes.

Brand Protection

Safeguard your brand's reputation and image. Use our residential proxy network to monitor and enforce your intellectual property rights, pricing policies, and customer reviews across the web.

Data Collection

Collect accurate and reliable data from any website or source by using different IP addresses to access geo-restricted content and avoid rate limits and anti-scraping measures.

Academic and Market Research

Conduct in-depth and ethical research on any topic or field. Access and scrape data from various sources and databases with the fastest residential proxies
Infatica Proxies

Infatica’s Developer-Friendly API

Less code and more data collection: Use Infatica’s bulk residential proxies with third-party proxy management software. An easy-to-use dashboard allows you to get your proxies up and running in no time. If you’re a power user, try our API for even more control over your proxy settings.
Easy Integration with third-party software
Customizable session time
Developer-friendly documentation
Proxy user management with Public API
See Documentation

Top Benefits of Infatica

Constantly updating our platform
New features shipped constantly
Support around the clock
Answering questions 24/7. Anytime, any day
Complete visibility
Real-time stats on our dashboard
Your personal contact
To maximize your results
Made for your needs
To achieve your data goals

What Customers Say about us

Our residential proxy users come from different backgrounds and create both small- and large-scale projects, utilizing millions of real IPs. Whatever your project may be, we would be pleased to have you as our client.

“Excellent service and customer care! For the first time, I bought a proxy on Infatica last year. I immediately bribed the responsiveness of the support, they helped me choose the tariff I needed for my purposes, and they actively answered all the questions later. There are no complaints about the proxies themselves; everything suits me)”

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Aug 19, 2023

A nice service

I've been using the Infatica Global Proxy Network for a few months now, and I must say that it has greatly impressed me with its performance and reliability. As someone who relies on proxies for various tasks, including web scraping and anonymity, I can confidently say that Infatica has been a game-changer.

Azeem U.
Aug 30, 2023

Great experience, only had 1 issue

The proxies are new, clean and usually the websites don't ask me for captcha

Astrasoft H.
Mar 17, 2023

They have a large pool of residential IPs

I have been using Infatica's residential proxies for a few months now and I am very satisfied with their service. The proxies are fast, reliable and have helped me to access data and content that was previously unavailable to me. What I appreciate most about Infatica is the quality of their proxies. They have a large pool of residential IPs that are constantly refreshed and are less likely to be detected and blocked by websites. This has helped me to collect data without any interruptions or disruptions, which is crucial for my work.

Mike S.
Feb 20, 2023

I was very impressed with Infatica

I was very impressed by the fact that in addition to the standard proxy plans I used to use, I can ask for a customized plan where I can choose what traffic limit I want, how many proxies I have in my account and so on. Obviously, the price is calculated from my requirements, it is beneficial for me because I use a lot of traffic and the limits provided by standard plans such as Light or Start are too limited for me.

Michael L.
Mar 01, 2023

The web scraper API that works well for me

Infatica provides a great solution for parsing sites - API web scraper, which works well for me, when I had the problem with frequent requests to pass the captcha that slowed down my work, I was offered to use the resident proxy in combination with parser, which Infatica kindly provided, technical support helped me to setup parser for work with proxy, problem was solved.

Gabriel I.
Mar 13, 2023

Infatica is moving in the right direction

I'm happy using Infatica's proxies because they work well, but I'm having a hard time understanding the code needed to use them. I have noticed that Infatica is making progress by releasing the Rest API for proxies and updating the parser to a new version. I express my hope that in the future the app will come out and be more user friendly. I am grateful to technical support for their help in setting up the proxies, as I could not have done it on my own.

Arina D.
Feb 06, 2023

This is a great experience.

More than 3 months of using Infatica have shown that their residential proxies are worth their price, high success rate and high connection speeds are what I and my team are comfortable working with and we will continue to work with Infatica.

Artur P.
Oct 13, 2023

Finally found something that works well

I use their web scraper. It works with all types of websites, even new React ones.

Goran C.
May 24, 2023

Fast proxies and good service with Infatica

I really like how fast Infatica's proxies are, and the number of different countries they have available

Valeriia D.
Jun 27, 2023

Infatica - outstanding reliable proxy provider

I really appreciate Infatica's extensive global network of proxies, their top-notch solutions and the simplicity of their interface.

Khrystyna Y.
Rated 4.8 / 5 by G2 users.

We’re offering a set of residential proxy plans with varying parameters including available traffic, IP address count, and other features – or you can use our flexible pricing option to fine-tune the parameters yourself. Choose the residential proxy plan that fits your project’s needs best:


  • 1000 ports for one Proxy List
  • Up to 20 Proxy Lists at a time
  • 99,9% uptime
  • Using via API Tool
  • Auth: Login-pswd / IP Whitelist
  • Country/City/ISP-level targeting
  • Rotation time selection
  • SOCKS/HTTP protocols
Billed monthly
Billed yearly
-20% off
Any for $1.99 3 days trial
Package Price
Customer Support
Pay As You Go
$8 / GB
14 GB
$6.85 / GB
60 GB
$6 / GB
140 GB most popular
$5 / GB
600 GB
$4 / GB
1,200 GB
$2.91 / GB
Upon request
Upon request
  • Custom price
  • Unlimited proxylists
  • 24/7 priority support
Bandwidth Pay As You Go
$8 / GB
Customer Support
Bandwidth 14 GB
$6.85 / GB
Customer Support
Bandwidth 60 GB
$6 / GB
Customer Support
Bandwidth 600 GB
$4 / GB
Customer Support
Bandwidth 1,200 GB
$2.91 / GB
Customer Support
Bandwidth Customized
Upon request
Upon request
Customer Support
  • Custom price
  • Unlimited proxylists
  • 24/7 priority support
Package Price
Customer Support
Pay As You Go
$8 / GB
168 GB
$5.48 / GB
720 GB
$4.8 / GB
1,680 GB most popular
$4 / GB
7,200 GB
$3.2 / GB
14,400 GB
$2.32 / GB
Upon request
Upon request
  • Custom price
  • Unlimited proxylists
  • 24/7 priority support
Bandwidth Pay As You Go
$8 / GB
Customer Support
Bandwidth 168 GB
$5.48 / GB
Customer Support
Bandwidth 720 GB
$4.8 / GB
Customer Support
Bandwidth 7,200 GB
$3.2 / GB
Customer Support
Bandwidth 14,400 GB
$2.32 / GB
Customer Support
Bandwidth Customized
Upon request
Upon request
Customer Support
  • Custom price
  • Unlimited proxylists
  • 24/7 priority support

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When shopping for a cheap proxy server, several residential proxy providers may catch your eye – and we believe that Infatica has the most to offer. Your user experience with residential proxy services isn’t limited to technical factors like household IPs – it’s also the 24/7 support, the wide choice of geo-locations, the ease-of-use, and more. Start a trial to try these benefits for yourself.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a residential proxy?

    A residential proxy is a key part of a network, incorporating real IP addresses from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). These IPs are spread across locations, providing an authentic country or city-level presence. Requests using residential proxies are marked by legitimacy, streamlining the efficient and reliable collection of public data.
  • What are residential proxies used for?

    Any use case where access to web data is crucial: Infatica clients use our residential proxies to build price aggregation platforms, manage multiple accounts, perform search engine optimization, create brand protection and marketing strategies, conduct academic and adtech research, produce uptime and performance services, perform ad verification, ensure corporate data protection, and more.
  • Is using residential proxies legal?

    Yes. A proxy is simply a network add-on whose basic functionality makes your browsing easier and safer, much like an antivirus. What’s important is what you do with proxies: Performing a DDoS attack, for instance, is obviously illegal – and a valid reason for contract termination for any proxy provider.
  • How much do residential proxies cost?

    If you’re looking for cheap residential proxies, Infatica offers a wide range of pricing options. They mainly vary by available traffic size (e.g. 400 GB per month), with $360 per month as the starter plan. Alternatively, you can select the Pay as You Go option with customizable parameters.
  • Where can I buy residential proxies?

    The easiest method is contacting a dependable proxy provider. Residential proxies differ by types, locations, features, etc. An important factor has to do with the provider’s ethical standards: Proxies have to be sourced ethically to provide the best user experience.
  • Are residential proxies detectable?

    Yes, but it would require a lot of effort on the other party’s end. For all practical purposes, a bot using real user IPs is a genuine website visitor from a specific country. Still, factors unrelated to proxies (e.g. improper use of request headers) may be indirect evidence of proxy usage.
  • Is it a good idea to use free residential proxies?

    Using free proxies may not be advisable. These free proxies often lack reliability, speed, and security. They might expose your data to risks or provide inconsistent performance. Opting for reputable paid services ensures a more stable and secure proxy experience, avoiding potential drawbacks associated with free alternatives.
  • What are the benefits of using a Residential Proxy pool?

    Utilizing a residential proxy services offers several advantages. It provides genuine IP addresses, enhancing anonymity and reliability for tasks like web scraping. The network allows access to geographically restricted content, while the rotation of IPs aids in avoiding detection. Additionally, dedicated residential proxies facilitate efficient data gathering and ensure a secure online presence, making them valuable for various applications.
  • Can residential proxies expire?

    Proxy providers typically lease the IPs for a set period of time – after that, the given address leaves the network and becomes unavailable to its users. However, this doesn’t mean that the proxies expire in general: The proxy network still has a large number of IPs at its disposal.
  • How do residential proxies work?

    This is how residential proxies work: each internet home user (resident) has an IP address. Some users provide their IP addresses to the proxy network in exchange for various rewards. This creates a residential proxy network, which makes it possible for other users to connect to it and use these residential IP addresses to appear as genuine users from other locations.
  • How are datacenter, residential, and ISP proxies different?

    Datacenter proxies are sourced from data centers, where a large number of concurrent connections originate from. This makes data center proxies cheaper, although more detectable. Residential proxy servers are backed by real users, who lend their IP addresses voluntarily to the proxy network. ISP proxies combine the features of their datacenter and residential counterparts: Even though they’re supplied from datacenters, they feature residential IPs provided by the ISP.
  • What are rotating residential proxies?

    Proxy rotation is a feature that ensures that the data collection pipeline remains operational. When a request originates from a suspicious IP address, it gets denied and the IP is blocked. When this happens, the address is rotated, i.e. replaced by a new one, maintaining a high request success rate.
  • What are static residential proxies?

    Static residential proxies are fixed IP addresses assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to users. Unlike dynamic residential proxies that change IPs at intervals, static residential proxies maintain a consistent address. This stability is advantageous for tasks requiring a constant, unchanging online presence, such as accessing certain websites or maintaining a secure connection.
  • Which locations can Infatica’s residential proxies offer?

    Infatica’s proxy network features a set of major cities from different countries. The most popular geolocations include: the United States, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, India, Turkey, Poland, China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Vietnam – and the full list is more extensive.
  • Is my traffic safe when using residential proxies?

    Yes: Proxies are a good security measure as they can be configured to filter traffic and change IPs. More importantly, Infatica protects all traffic routed through the proxy network via end-to-end encryption: This means that no malicious third party can intercept your internet traffic to steal sensitive data. However, this would not apply to free residential proxies from other providers.
  • Are residential proxies hard to use?

    Nope: They’re easy to install via certificates or proxy management tools (which typically exist as browser extensions.) Upon installation, they don’t require active management from your end. Troubleshooting proxy issues is also easy thanks to Infatica’s technical support team – just submit a ticket and we’ll do our best to solve the problem.
  • How many residential proxies do I need for my task?

    Determine your required residential proxies based on factors like operational scale, concurrent connections, and target websites. Consult a reliable proxy service provider before making a purchase for tailored guidance.
  • Can I customize the rotation frequency of residential proxy servers?

    Certainly! Yes, you can customize the rotation frequency of residential IPs with Infatica. Tailor the settings to match your web scraping or other project needs, ensuring optimal performance and control. Infatica provides the flexibility for users to fine-tune proxy settings, ensuring a personalized and efficient experience.
  • Is it possible to use residential IPs with the SOCKS5 protocol?

    Certainly! Yes, you can use residential IPs with the SOCKS5 protocol.
  • How do I use a residential proxy network?

    To employ a residential proxy network, configure your device or software to connect through the designated proxy server. Depending on the application, input the provided proxy server details in the settings. Infatica provides clear and user-friendly guides for a straightforward setup process, ensuring seamless residential proxy server usage
  • Can I use Residential Proxies for web scraping?

    Absolutely! Residential proxies are particularly well-suited for web scraping tasks. They offer genuine IPs from real users, enhancing your ability to gather data discreetly and efficiently. Residential proxy can help you avoid detection, access geographically restricted content, and conduct web scraping with a higher level of anonymity and reliability.
  • How quickly will I get my residential proxies?

    Infatica guarantees delivery of your residential proxies within 24 hours. This ensures quick integration for your online activities, offering a seamless and efficient experience. Opt for Infatica for a hassle-free acquisition of your proxies with timely delivery.