Infatica Free Proxy Checker

The ultimate proxy testing tool for web scraping
Infatica’s proxy checker allows you to test the quality and functionality of any proxy online. Whether you need a proxy for web scraping, browsing anonymously, or accessing geo-restricted content, you can use our online proxy checker to assess its speed, anonymity, protocol type, and more.

Proxy server checker features

By using our multiple proxy checker, you can easily compare different proxies and choose the best ones for your needs.

Our proxy checker tool allows you to test the performance and quality of your proxies in a fast and easy way. It will show you the following output parameters for each proxy:

Protocol type

This indicates the type of protocol that the proxy uses to communicate with the target website. There are four main types of protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. Each protocol has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of speed, security, and compatibility. Our proxy tester tool is flexible and can function as a SOCKS proxy checker or perform HTTP proxy checks.

Exit IP address

This is the IP address that the target website sees when you use the proxy. It is different from your real IP address, which is hidden by the proxy. The exit IP address can help you bypass geo-restrictions and access content that is otherwise unavailable in your region.


This is the physical location of the exit IP address. Our proxy scraper checker shows you the country, region, and city (e.g. GB / England / Liverpool) where the proxy server is located. The geolocation can affect the speed and reliability of the proxy, as well as its ability to access certain websites.

Response time

This is the time it takes for the proxy to send a request to the target website and receive a response back. It is measured in milliseconds (ms). The lower the response time, the faster and more efficient the proxy is.

Why you should use a proxies tester

If you use proxies for your online activities, you need a proxy list checker to test and verify your proxies regularly – this way, you’ll see various details about them, such as speed, geolocation, protocol, and more. Here are some benefits of using Infatica web proxy checker:

  • Assess the proxy’s quality better: By performing IP proxy checks frequently, you can ensure that they are working properly and efficiently. You should also compare different proxy testing tools: Some of them can provide inaccurate reports. A bulk proxy checker can show you important factors such as speed, anonymity, location, status, and type of your proxies.
  • Detect and avoid spammy or blacklisted proxies: Some proxies may be listed as spam or blacklisted by certain websites due to their previous activities. This can affect your access to those websites and harm your reputation. A proxies tester can help you detect and avoid such proxies by checking their IP addresses against various databases.
  • Protect your data and identity online: Not all proxies are equally secure and anonymous. Some may reveal or leak your details to third parties. An anonymous proxy checker can help you check the level of anonymity of your proxies and choose the ones that protect your data and identity online.

Using a proxy tester tool is essential if you want to get the most out of your proxies. Our live proxy checker is free, easy, and reliable. You can test any number of proxies with it and get detailed results in various formats. Try it today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does your proxies tester work?

    Our proxy tester is a simple and effective way to check the quality and functionality of your proxies. You can enter a list of proxies – and then you can start the test. Our tool will show you various details about each proxy, such as speed, anonymity, location, status, and type.
  • Does your proxy type checker support different protocols?

    Yes: Our IP proxy checker can work with a number of proxy protocols. This allows it to function as a SOCKS5 checker, SOCKS4 checker, HTTP proxy checker, and more. The protocol type will be displayed in the “Type” field.
  • How to check the proxy’s quality?

    The criteria for testing proxies depend on your needs and preferences. However, the best proxy checkers are able to test multiple factors, such as: speed (how fast the proxy responds), anonymity (how well the proxy hides your identity), location (where the proxy is based), status (whether the proxy is working or not), and type (whether the proxy is HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, or SOCKS5).
  • Do you offer a proxy service?

    Yes, we offer these proxy products: residential, datacenter, and mobile. Residential proxies are IP addresses from real devices that provide high anonymity and geo-targeting. Datacenter proxies are IP addresses from servers that provide fast speed and low cost. Mobile proxies are IP addresses from smartphones that provide the highest level of security and privacy. You can choose the best proxy for your needs and enjoy our reliable and affordable service.
  • Are proxy checkers 100% accurate?

    Unfortunately, these tools (e.g. SOCKS5 proxy checkers) are not always accurate. They can only verify the functionality, check proxy anonymity level, and test the speed of proxy servers based on their own algorithms and criteria. Different proxy checkers may have different results for the same proxy server, so we advise you to try several proxy testers.
  • Proxy has been detected. Now what?

    It depends on your purpose of using proxies. If you are using proxies for personal anonymity, it may not be a problem if a website detects your proxy server. However, if you are using proxies for web scraping or other purposes that require high anonymity, you may want to switch to another proxy server or use a different type of proxy.
  • Can regular websites detect proxies?

    Yes, regular websites can detect proxies by various methods, such as checking the IP address, headers, cookies, JavaScript code, and other factors that may reveal your proxy usage. Some websites may block or limit access to users who use proxies.
  • Can you tell me more about proxies testers?

    Yes, we have a proxy testing guide on our blog. You can learn how to test proxies for functionality, speed, anonymity level, location accuracy, and compatibility with different protocols and applications.