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Infatica Scraper API is a powerful and reliable data collection tool you can use to scrape TikTok. Collect job data like listings, postings, descriptions, and much more.

Indeed Data Scraper

Job data and other relevant and valuable information can be yours if you scrape the right way: This way, you can use extracted data for your next large-scale project or new product features: perform search engine optimization, refine your hiring strategy, create a job aggregation platform, and much more. With the right scraper, taking your business to the next level can start today.

Here’s the catch: How can you collect data from reliably? Balancing between third-party web scraping solutions and’s official API takes up time and resources – and this is where Infatica Scraper API can help you: It’s a powerful, easy-to-use, and reliable tool for extracting data from and many other major tech websites.

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Scraping Indeed: How to Scrape using API

Indeed data provides invaluable insight into customer behavior across a wide range of countries: Companies can use this data to monitor competitors, perform search engine optimization, analyze and predict market trends, and more. Here’s the catch: Collecting Indeed data is tricky, with various anti-bot measures stopping your scraping efforts. The answer to this problem is Infatica Scraper API – a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use data collection suite powered by Infatica’s proxy network.

What is Indeed Scraping?

Web scraping in general means automated collection of data. The term automated is key here: Technically, saving each Indeed page manually does constitute data collection, but this process shares neither upsides nor downsides of a full-blown web scraping operation. Scraping Indeed can be performed with various tools and at different scales, but the end goal is the same: Use this data to generate value for your business or other people.


With 250 million monthly active users, is the world’s leading platform for job seekers and employers. The platform is, essentially, a topic-specific search engine, featuring countless job postings, job listings, and other relevant data from companies all across the world. Available in 60+ countries and 28 languages, is the go-to place for job hunting: Users can browse job boards and company pages, conduct virtual interviews, and more.

All this data can be collected and then prove valuable for your next big project – and we can help you access it.

Indeed Job Data

The global job market is expanding every year – and you can capitalize on its growth: A job board/aggregator can attract numerous users from all across the world. You’ll need data feeds from to fuel this project – and getting it can be seamless with Infatica’s scraper.

Job, Company & Candidate Data for HR

Indeed job data powers countless HR agencies and staffing professionals which use’s job descriptions, job titles, and similar criteria for lead generation, marketing, and other challengings tasks. Accessing this data without a well-oiled scraper means constant CAPTCHAs, IP bans, and other roadblocks – with Infatica Scraper API, it’s seamless.

Solution for Your Data Collection Needs

Accessing data easily

Another way of protecting data that uses is constant updates to the HTML structure of its pages, causing errors in third-party scrapers and rendering them unoperational. Keeping up with these updates takes your resources – why not spend this time on something more interesting?

We’re always updating Infatica Scraper API to remain compatible with’s up-to-date infrastructure, ensuring that not a single data point that you requested gets lost.

Less CAPTCHAs and IP bans

The most important asset of tech companies like is their data – and they’re always trying to prevent others from accessing it. A regular crawler will easily reach the maximum number of allowed requests and get stopped by’s CAPTCHAs.

Thanks to a large network of residential proxies, Infatica Scraper API allows you to bypass’s security measures. Using IP addresses from locations from all over the globe (on the country-, region-, city-, and ISP-level), you can avoid detection and keep your web scraping pipeline operational.

Built for small and large companies

There are dozens of tools for extracting data from Browser extensions, standalone apps, open-source scripts, and more. What’s the right tool for the job?

We engineered Infatica Scraper API to be a great fit for both small- and large-scale projects. It’s easy-to-use, offering a streamlined way of downloading data (just input the page URL) – and it’s powerful, supporting various websites, JS rendering, rich export options, and more.

What Customers Say about us

Our residential proxy users come from different backgrounds and create both small- and large-scale projects, utilizing millions of real IPs. Whatever your project may be, we would be pleased to have you as our client.

“Excellent service and customer care! For the first time, I bought a proxy on Infatica last year. I immediately bribed the responsiveness of the support, they helped me choose the tariff I needed for my purposes, and they actively answered all the questions later. There are no complaints about the proxies themselves; everything suits me)”

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Aug 19, 2023

A nice service

I've been using the Infatica Global Proxy Network for a few months now, and I must say that it has greatly impressed me with its performance and reliability. As someone who relies on proxies for various tasks, including web scraping and anonymity, I can confidently say that Infatica has been a game-changer.

Azeem U.
Aug 30, 2023

Great experience, only had 1 issue

The proxies are new, clean and usually the websites don't ask me for captcha

Astrasoft H.
Mar 17, 2023

They have a large pool of residential IPs

I have been using Infatica's residential proxies for a few months now and I am very satisfied with their service. The proxies are fast, reliable and have helped me to access data and content that was previously unavailable to me. What I appreciate most about Infatica is the quality of their proxies. They have a large pool of residential IPs that are constantly refreshed and are less likely to be detected and blocked by websites. This has helped me to collect data without any interruptions or disruptions, which is crucial for my work.

Mike S.
Feb 20, 2023

I was very impressed with Infatica

I was very impressed by the fact that in addition to the standard proxy plans I used to use, I can ask for a customized plan where I can choose what traffic limit I want, how many proxies I have in my account and so on. Obviously, the price is calculated from my requirements, it is beneficial for me because I use a lot of traffic and the limits provided by standard plans such as Light or Start are too limited for me.

Michael L.
Mar 01, 2023

The web scraper API that works well for me

Infatica provides a great solution for parsing sites - API web scraper, which works well for me, when I had the problem with frequent requests to pass the captcha that slowed down my work, I was offered to use the resident proxy in combination with parser, which Infatica kindly provided, technical support helped me to setup parser for work with proxy, problem was solved.

Gabriel I.
Mar 13, 2023

Infatica is moving in the right direction

I'm happy using Infatica's proxies because they work well, but I'm having a hard time understanding the code needed to use them. I have noticed that Infatica is making progress by releasing the Rest API for proxies and updating the parser to a new version. I express my hope that in the future the app will come out and be more user friendly. I am grateful to technical support for their help in setting up the proxies, as I could not have done it on my own.

Arina D.
Feb 06, 2023

This is a great experience.

More than 3 months of using Infatica have shown that their residential proxies are worth their price, high success rate and high connection speeds are what I and my team are comfortable working with and we will continue to work with Infatica.

Artur P.
Oct 13, 2023

Finally found something that works well

I use their web scraper. It works with all types of websites, even new React ones.

Goran C.
May 24, 2023

Fast proxies and good service with Infatica

I really like how fast Infatica's proxies are, and the number of different countries they have available

Valeriia D.
Jun 27, 2023

Infatica - outstanding reliable proxy provider

I really appreciate Infatica's extensive global network of proxies, their top-notch solutions and the simplicity of their interface.

Khrystyna Y.
Rated 4.8 / 5 by G2 users.

Infatica’s Features

Millions of proxies & IPs

Tap into our extensive pool of 35+ million datacenter and residential IP addresses across dozens of global ISPs, supporting real devices, smart retries and IP rotation

100+ global locations

Choose from 100+ supported global locations to send your web scraping API requests or simply use random geo-targets — supporting a series of major cities worldwide. Infatica’s 1 Gbps bandwidth enables web scraping at the largest scale.

Rock-Solid Infrastructure

Scrape the web at scale at an unparalleled speed and enjoy advanced features like concurrent API requests, CAPTCHA solving, unlimited post metadata, browser support and JS rendering.

Free and premium options

Are you here to test the API without any commitments? Sign up for our Free Plan. If you ever need more advanced access, premium pricing plans start at $19.99 per month.

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Access to premium proxies and up to 250k monthly requests.

API Credits-250K
  • JS Rendering - Yes
  • Json parsing - Yes
  • Built-in residential proxy - Yes
  • US & EU Geotargeting - Yes
  • Threads - 10
  • Ticket support - Yes
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$90 /month

Medium Project

Access to premium proxies and up to 1 million monthly requests.

API Credits-1M
  • JS Rendering - Yes
  • Json parsing - Yes
  • Built-in residential proxy - Yes
  • US & EU Geotargeting - Yes
  • Threads - 50
  • Ticket support - Yes
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from $1000 /month


Enterpise level - everything we have and up to custom monthly requests.

API Credits-Custom
  • JS Rendering - Yes
  • Json parsing - Yes
  • Built-in residential proxy - Yes
  • US & EU Geotargeting - Yes
  • Threads - Customize
  • Ticket support - Yes

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Scraping solutions come in all shapes and sizes, so you may see a myriad of software when searching for your next web scraper. We believe that Infatica has the most to offer as your user experience isn’t limited to technical factors like modular selector systems – it’s also 24/7 support, powerful geotargeting, ease-of-use, and more. Start a commitment-free trial to try these benefits for yourself.

Trial request count: 5,000 requests. Trial duration: 7 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Indeed allow scraping?

    Generally, tech platforms discourage data collection, which, for example, may overburden their servers. Although US courts generally consider web scraping to be legal, and other tech platforms may try to limit data collection via anti-scraping systems (e.g. reCAPTCHA and Cloudflare.) This makes solutions like Infatica Scraper API invaluable: With this tool, you’ll see much fewer limits.
  • Can I collect data from Indeed?

    Yes: Like any site, uses HTML to organize and display its contents, e.g. jobs and companies. Said HTML code can be parsed by tools like Infatica Scraper API: You input a URL and download the page’s contents a minute later. Although different scrapers offer different features, they all share the same working principle.
  • How to scrape a job posting on Indeed?

    You can use a number of tools for that: With a no-code visual scraper (e.g. a browser extension), you can use its point-and-click interface to select the required data field. With command-line scrapers, you’ll need to find the HTML element that manages the job posting area and
  • Does Indeed offer an official API?

    Yes. It allows the user to perform authorization, Applicant Tracking System integration, create job embends, and conduct virtual interviews. However, like many other official APIs, it may be suboptimal for data collection as it imposes certain restrictions, e.g. your queries are limited to creating 10,000 CMS items.