Static proxies: what are those, and when do you need them?

Static proxies: what are those, and when do you need them?

Residential proxies are great when you want to cover your real IP address with another one that will be just as legitimate as your authentic IP. They give you a high level of anonymity and keep you safe and sound online. However, residential proxies are usually slower than data center ones. The latter are, on the other hand, less reliable than residential proxies. So you’re left in the situation where you have to pick the lesser evil.

The good news is that there is a solution that combines the high level of anonymity and reliability of residential proxies and the swiftness of data center proxies. This solution is called static residential proxies.

What is a static residential proxy?

It is a real IP address assigned by an ISP (Internet Service Provider). So far, it sounds like a simple residential proxy. But as the word “static” suggests, such proxy will allow you to stay connected to a single IP address for a while. With Infatica proxies you will stay connected to a single IP address for a whole hour, and then you will get reconnected to a new IP. Thus, you have the anonymity of the residential proxy while keeping the connection speed high.

What are the advantages of static proxies?

High speed. You don’t have to leverage the swiftness of your connection.

Impeccable anonymity. Since you will be connected to the real IP address, no one can detect you’re using a proxy.

Reliability. Static residential proxies never get blocked thanks to the authentic IP addresses.

When do you need a static residential proxy?

Static proxies are very useful in cases when you can’t have rotating IP addresses. Some websites and services will ban the account if they detect a rotating IP. For example, if you work with social media platforms or buy things on e-commerce websites, you will get a lot of issues with rotating IP addresses.

Why should you choose Infatica proxies?

  • Only real residential locations. You will never get blocked for using our proxies.
  • High speed. Stay safe without any inconveniences.
  • Clear pricing. You always know what you pay for.
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