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How to get your perfect pair with sneaker proxies?

How to get your perfect pair with sneaker proxies?

For some, using proxies to buy shoes might sound insane. But if you’ve already clicked on this article, you know that the idea is quite smart. We’re glad to welcome you, fellow sneaker fan. And we’re willing to share with you some tips on how to get those kicks you desire so much using proxies.

What are proxies?

A proxy is a medium between your device and the website you want to reach. Basically, it is a remote device with its unique IP address. Using a proxy, you connect to that device and route your traffic through it. Thus, you pick up its IP address, and when you finally go to the website, you will appear to have the IP address and the location of that device.

Therefore, using proxies, you can disguise your real location and IP address and pretend you’re someone else. It’s like a virtual mask that helps you to stay anonymous online.

When do you use sneaker proxies?

Sneaker brands like Nike, Adidas, and other popular companies release unique limited editions of their footwear. And the number of pairs is incredibly small. So the whole edition gets sold within minutes. The main challenge here is to win the race and become one of the lucky sneaker owners.

Also, online shops would give only one pair to one buyer. How do they recognize if it is the same person buying? By the IP address which represents the device and location of the user. So it’s quite easy to understand who the user is and refuse to sell them another pair of sneakers.

Both difficulties are easy to solve with proxies since they help you to hide your real IP address. Just connect to the sneaker website using a proxy, and you will be able to buy an extra pair of shoes. More proxies - more IP addresses, and, therefore, more sneakers. It’s really simple, isn’t it?

But how do proxies help you to get a pair from a limited collection? Brands create some kind of queue before launching the collection - a virtual alternative to real overnight queues in physical shops. In the real world, it’s rather hard to cheat and be the first in the line. But it is possible in the virtual one.

Smart guys have invented bots that will try to get those sneakers instead of you. They will relieve you from the manual copping. And proxies will multiply your chances to get the pair you want. Say, you have 50 proxies - that’s equal to 50 people standing in line for you. The more proxies you have, the surer you can be that you will finally buy those shoes.

There is one more case of using proxies to buy sneakers online - geo-restrictions. Most brands would allow only so many countries to access the limited collection. And you want to be located in that country. Using a proxy, you can appear to be in the needed location without physically moving there.

So, you can use proxies to:

  • Buy several pairs of sneakers;
  • Team them up with a bot to raise your chances;
  • Access collections available only in certain countries.

Why you should choose Infatica proxies?

  • Only real residential locations. You will never get blocked for using our proxies.
  • High speed. Stay safe without any inconveniences.
  • Create a schedule. Set the connection duration you need.
  • Rotating addresses. Get a new IP with each request.
  • Clear pricing. You always know what you pay for.
  • AIO Bot
  • SneakerHead-Bot
  • Heated Sneaks Bots
  • Supreme Bot
  • Sole Slayer
  • NikeShoeBot
  • Easy Cop Ultimate
  • Nike Bot
  • Better Nike Bot
  • Another Nike Bot
  • ANB Supreme Bot
  • ForceCop
  • Superior
  • Sole Slayer
  • ...and many others
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