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How to use Infatica Residential Proxies on Android


Once you have created a proxy list in Infatica, you can use proxies on your Android device

Wi-Fi Settings​

  • Opening Android settings and navigating to the Wi-Fi menu. Select your network and tap this icon to open its Wi-Fi proxy settings.

Android settings


Please note that you need to add a Wi-Fi proxy configuration for each Wi-Fi network – even if you’re switching between different frequencies (e.g. 2.4 GHz β†’ 5 GHz) within your own network.

Configure Proxy​

  • Then, tap the Proxy field, typically, you’ll see a list of options like None, Manual, and Auto-config. Tap Manual.

Configure Proxy

This will bring you back to the previous page.

Proxy settings​

To perform manual proxy setup for Wi-Fi, edit the following fields:
  • In the Host Name field, copy and paste the IP address from the proxy list; in the Port field, paste the port copied from the proxy list.

Proxy settings


Tap Save or simply return to the previous page. You can now use a proxy server on your Android device.

Then we can open and check if everything is working correctly.

Disable proxy​

  • To disable a proxy server on Android, open your Wi-Fi network properties like we’ve done in a previous section. In the Proxy dropdown menu, choose None, and press Save.

Disable proxy