Web Scraping with Antidetect Browsers

Learn how to use antidetect browsers for web scraping and bypass anti-bot measures. Compare the best antidetect browsers and their features.

Web Scraping with Antidetect Browsers
Sharon Bennett
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  1. Risks and challenges in web scraping
  2. Leverage antidetect browsers for effective web scraping
  3. How do antidetect browsers help with web scraping?
  4. What are other use cases for antidetect browsers?
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Web scraping has gained growing popularity among people who need to collect data for analysis purposes, as it’s effective and time-saving. However, this is becoming more challenging as more websites implement more sophisticated anti-bot and user profiling techniques. Web scrapers can benefit from an increase in privacy provided by antidetect browsers by keeping their data anonymous and avoiding being blocked.

This article will cover exactly this topic. We will discuss challenges in web scraping and how antidetect browsers can deal with them.

Risks and challenges in web scraping

Web scraping can be a powerful tool for data collection, but it also comes with risks and challenges that need to be considered. Some of the main issues with web scraping include:

Anti-Scraping Systems

Bot cannot bypass reCAPTCHA and Cloudflare protection

These systems are designed to prevent bots and other automated tools from accessing site content and can make it difficult to collect data. Some sites use CAPTCHAs or other tools to verify that users are humans, while others may block IP addresses or user agents that are associated with scraping activity.

Getting Blocked

Bot cannot access a blocked website

Even if a site does not have anti-scraping measures in place, web scrapers can still be blocked if they send too many requests in a short period of time. This can be particularly problematic for large-scale scraping projects that involve collecting data from multiple sites. To mitigate this risk, it is important to use proxies and rotate user agents, among other techniques.

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Dynamic Content

Bot cannot parse dynamic content

Dynamic content refers to content that changes based on user input or other factors, such as the time of day or location. This can make it difficult to collect accurate data since the scraper may not know what content to look for or where to find it. To overcome this challenge, it is important to carefully consider the structure of the site being scraped and to use tools such as regular expressions to identify and extract specific data.

Leverage antidetect browsers for effective web scraping

The antidetect browser is a type of web browser designed to protect user privacy and anonymity online. By hiding the user's identity, it prevents websites, advertisers, and other third parties from being able to monitor their online behavior.

Although web scraping robots are widely used, it can be problematic because websites frequently block bots when they detect one. Even though the website permits scraping, human users are prioritized over bots. That’s why the antidetect browser can serve as an efficient scraping tool; the role it plays in web scraping is exactly to disguise the bot, making it look like a human user.

How do antidetect browsers help with web scraping?

A good antidetect browser provides web scrapers with an additional layer of privacy and security. They enable users to access the internet anonymously and avoid being tracked or blocked by websites that might be able to do so. As a result, the risks associated with web scraping are significantly reduced.

Here are some of the benefits of using anti-detect browsers like AdsPower.

Spoof browser fingerprints

A browser fingerprint is a combination of information collected by websites every time you visit them. These pieces of information could include device model, browser version, language and keyboard settings, user agent, and a lot more. AdsPower can modify your browser fingerprints to make it appear that another user is accessing the website. If you use AdsPower together with proxies, you will also be able to mask your real location.

Fingerprint spoofing settings in AdsPower

Protect online privacy

Maintaining online anonymity is simple with AdsPower's privacy-focused features, such as fingerprint spoofing, Canvas and WegbGL disabling, and proxy integration. For example, you can use the direct proxy integrations of the browser to perform IP rotation, which involves changing the web scraper's IP address to evade detection by websites that might be blocking or keeping an eye on their activity.

Consistent browser fingerprints helpfully mask your online identity

Bypass anti-bot systems

There are various techniques that can be used to bypass anti-scraping measures, including rotating user agents, implementing delays between requests, and using proxies. Captchas and IP blocking can be circumvented with these methods. With an antidetect browser, you can effectively manage these measures.

Automate scraping tasks

Browser automation can improve effectiveness and cut down on the amount of time needed for web scraping. Antidetect browsers are always equipped with built-in automation features. For example, AdsPower has an RPA robot feature that allows you to design and execute automation tasks on any platform.

RPA automation in AdsPower

Scale data collection with multiple browser profiles

In AdsPower, you can create unlimited virtual profiles that don’t overlap with each other. These profiles are configured with generated fingerprints, so each of them appears to be a separate device. When running web scrapers in the profiles, you will be able to collect data from different sources simultaneously, bypassing geolocation restrictions and detections.

Run unlimited browser profiles

What are other use cases for antidetect browsers?

The biggest strength of antidetect browsers is anonymity. So, in principle, antidetect browsers can be used by all privacy-concerned crowds, including online marketers, e-commerce vendors, IT experts, etc. Yet there are industries that rely on antidetect browsers more than others. Here are some of the most common use cases for an antidetect browser.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketers or marketing agencies usually have to manage multiple social media accounts or ad accounts for the purpose of promoting offers. When they run these accounts from one device or one IP address, this often ends up leading to the accounts being banned, which turns out to be the biggest challenge for them. In this situation, antidetect browsers are an effective solution for marketers and agencies thanks to their ability to create more than one identity.

Crypto whitelisting and airdrops

To expand the possibility of getting access to a crypto whitelist or an airdrop, a relatively easy method is to run multiple accounts to submit applications to get whitelisted or complete designated tasks on social networks. And yet again, to bypass blocks and bans, antidetect browsers come into play.


Many sellers believe that the key to succeeding in e-commerce is to expand their revenue streams by setting up multiple online storefronts, but the problem is account bans from platforms. An antidetect browser, in this case, gives vendors access to unlimited profiles that are perceived as real merchants.


Browser fingerprinting can make web scraping extremely hard. You must cover a lot of ground if you want to remain undetected. Antidetect browsers like AdsPower are a great way to maintain anonymity and enhance the effectiveness of data collection. They can also help you scale your business in other industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

An antidetect browser is a browser that can spoof or hide your browser fingerprint, which is a set of unique characteristics that can identify you online. Antidetect browsers can help you avoid being detected and blocked by websites that use anti-bot measures.

An antidetect browser can help you scrape data from dynamic websites that rely on javascript or other technologies that make web scraping difficult. With an antidetect browser, you can access data that would otherwise be inaccessible or require complex reverse engineering.

An antidetect browser allows you to create multiple profiles with different settings and parameters, such as user agent, screen resolution, cookies, etc. You can use these profiles to scrape data from different websites without overlapping or interfering with each other. You can also integrate an antidetect browser with web scraping frameworks such as Selenium or Playwright.

There are several antidetect browsers available in the market, each with its own features and advantages. Some of the most popular ones are GoLogin, Incogniton, Multilogin, and AdsPower. You can compare them based on their pricing, functionality, integration, and support.

Web scraping with an antidetect browser is not a foolproof solution, as websites may still use other methods to detect and prevent web scraping, such as CAPTCHA, IP address analysis, request rate limiting, etc. Therefore, you should always follow the best practices for web scraping, such as respecting the website’s terms of service and robots.txt file, using proxies or VPNs to rotate your IP address, adding delays or randomization to your requests, and handling errors or exceptions gracefully.

Sharon Bennett

Sharon Bennett is a networking professional who analyzes various measures of online censorship. She lends her expertise to Infatica to explore how proxies can help to address this problem.

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