Proxies for Twitter: Use Cases and Advice on How to Use Them Effectively

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool — and proxies enable even more functionality. Let's see how Twitter proxies can be used effectively for marketing purposes.

Proxies for Twitter: Use Cases and Advice on How to Use Them Effectively
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  1. What are Twitter proxies?
  2. Use cases for Twitter proxies in marketing
  3. Which Twitter proxies should you use?
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Twitter is a curious phenomenon — it's a social media network that has existed for over a decade, yet still maintains its popularity. If we take a look at any other social media platform, we'll notice that the interest of the audience in using this social media network fades over time.

At the moment, we can see this happening to Facebook — it gets fewer new users every day. With the birth and rise of other platforms, good old Facebook simply can’t win the competition because the younger generation craves for a different experience.

But Twitter is doing fine: It doesn’t really care about new platforms because they don’t make users lose interest in this microblogging social media network. Perhaps, Twitter has such loyalty because of the type of content — it’s text-focused, yet it also involves videos, gifs, and images.

Moreover, this platform allows users to reach out to celebrities and people in power quite easily and effectively, all the while keeping the conversation between them public — and that’s (arguably) the biggest benefit of Twitter.

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that businesses try to promote their products and services on this platform as Twitter audience is rather active. But when marketing managers try to perform planned activities, they face some restrictions. Twitter, just like any other social media network, tries to keep things fair by forbidding users to have several accounts. That’s one of the reasons why you’d want to use proxies for Twitter.

What are Twitter proxies?

Twitter proxies act as an intermediary between the user and Twitter

A proxy is a server or a device you can connect to. Once you do that, you route your connection through the proxy, acquiring its IP address and covering your real one with it.

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Twitter proxies, therefore, are simply proxies that you can use with Twitter: They will act as a medium between you and this social media platform, allowing you to remain anonymous.  When you connect to Twitter, it will see the IP address of a proxy, not yours. As a result, you can remain anonymous, pretend to be another user, and access geo-restricted content.

Here's the difference between usual and Twitter proxies: The latter option is better suited for working with this platform. They are compatible with Twitter bots, and they can be datacenter or residential.

A residential proxy is a real device with a real IP address issued by an ISP. When you’re connected to a residential proxy, you appear to the destination website as a resident of a certain country. The server simply can’t tell that it’s someone using a proxy. Thus, you get better coverage, protection, and you can keep up with your work without any interruptions.

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And a datacenter proxy is a server multiple users can connect to. This service will provide you with a static IP — in the case with residential proxies, your IP might change from time to time. So datacenter proxies are more suitable for certain activities we will discuss below.

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Use cases for Twitter proxies in marketing

The primary reason for using Twitter proxies is marketing. Here are the benefits you can get if you enhance your social media management with this technology.

Create as many accounts as you want

Twitter proxies enable to create multiple accounts

Twitter limits the number of accounts per user — but the more profiles you have, the easier it is to reach your target audience. Using Twitter proxies, you can create as many accounts as you need without getting blocked.

For this purpose, it’s better to use datacenter proxies as they allow you to stick to one server and thus one IP address. You should assign specific proxies to each account and use them accordingly to avoid making Twitter suspicious.

Automate social media management tasks

There are many bots that will follow people or retweet posts automatically for you. But Twitter is not fond of these tools, and it bans users if they utilize bots. You can bypass this restriction with proxies — just use them along with bots to hide the bot-like activity. For this task, residential proxies will be a better fit. They will make a bot look like a real user while offering perfect coverage and security.

Test accounts

Since you can create several profiles if you use proxies, you can test different marketing approaches, too. Try various keywords, hashtags, and timings for posts for each account to see which aspect drives engagement best and improve your performance on Twitter. It will be easy to analyze the statistics because each account is using a different approach.

Avoid geo-restrictions

Twitter proxies can help avoid regional IP blocks

Twitter is not allowed in some regions, but proxies will let you trick the system and bypass this restriction. Just choose the country where Twitter is allowed and connect to a proxy located there. You can use both residential and datacenter proxies for this purpose.

Tune each account for better targeting

You can use multiple accounts to reach and engage with specific micro-audiences for better targeting. With proxies, you’ll be able to create as many profiles as you need. Then, use all your knowledge of the target audience to fine-tune each account to specific interests and needs.

Scrape data from Twitter

Web scraping is a powerful tool that can supply you with a lot of high-quality information. But websites, including Twitter, usually protect themselves from bot-like activity — and scraping is done by bots. So to avoid getting blocked, you can use residential proxies along with your scraper to make its activity look like the actions of a real person.

Which Twitter proxies should you use?

Infatica provides users with both data center and residential proxies for Twitter offering different pricing plans that can fit any need. Our proxies are always whitelisted, and we're constantly adding new IP addresses to our pool. Therefore, you can be sure that your work won’t get interrupted by proxy errors.

If you don’t know how many IP addresses you might need, just contact us. We will analyze your needs and offer you the most suitable option. Moreover, we can create a tailored pricing plan if none of ours can meet your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes: Proxy servers are essentially computers that act as intermediaries between your computer and the websites you visit. They can hide your IP address and location, making it difficult for someone to track your online activity. They don't interfere with your system on a deep level.

There are numerous proxy providers: Infatica, Proxylist, and more. When choosing the provider, make sure they are ethical, meaning they source their IPs from consenting companies and individuals. This way, your Twitter proxy will operate well.

One option is adding the proxy configuration (proxy address and port, that is) to your system settings, whether desktop or mobile. Another way involves using a proxy management app or browser extension, which manages your proxy connection right in your browser.

It depends on how you use the proxy. Generally speaking, using a proxy to access blocked content or to hide your identity may break Twitter's ToS. However, using a proxy for security purposes or to improve your online privacy is generally legal. It's always best to check with an attorney if you're not sure whether a particular proxy use is legal in your area.

It depends on a variety of factors. If you're trying to scrape Twitter and avoid its anti-bot mechanisms, proxies are optimal. However, if you're trying to protect your privacy from anyone who could be snooping on your traffic, then a VPN would be a better choice.

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