How to use proxies for Facebook to boost your marketing campaign?

Facebook is a powerful marketing platform — and proxies can help you use it even more effectively. In this article, we'll explore how to use Facebook proxies.

How to use proxies for Facebook to boost your marketing campaign?

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  1. How do proxies work?
  2. When should you use Facebook proxies?
  3. Why choose proxies from Infatica?

Facebook became a huge part of our lives. We share our thoughts and events there, follow the destinies of our friends, and connect with them. We spend a lot of time on this social platform every day. So there is no surprise that businesses use Facebook to promote their products and services and interact with their target audience.

However, Facebook makes advertising rather cumbersome and expensive for brands. Which is quite understandable — the platform wants to get its share of the income. That’s why businesses come up with other methods of getting customers. And Facebook, in its turn, does everything possible to cut those ways.

Here proxies come to rescue. They will help you bypass any restrictions you face while executing your marketing campaign.

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How do proxies work?

When you visit a website, you connect to it directly. You get the website’s information, and it gets yours — IP address, location, etc. When the access to the site is blocked, the system will recognize the banned user by their IP address. Therefore, to bypass the restriction, you need to change your data somehow.

Facebook proxies establish a connection between the user and the server

That’s what we need proxies for. Proxy is an IP address that belongs to the real device. Connecting to the website using a proxy you connect to that device first, and only then — to the site. Thus, in the endpoint, you will appear to be located whenever that device is located, and the website won’t see your real IP address.

When should you use Facebook proxies?

To execute their marketing campaigns, many brands create multiple accounts on Facebook. And this social network is not happy about that at all. To prevent users from creating several accounts, Facebook blocks access by the specific IP address.

Why does it do that? Because this social media platform wants all the accounts to belong to real people — one account per person. Since Facebook was created to serve as a place for humans around the world where they can interact with each other, there is no logic in having bots — fake accounts — on this platform. Therefore, Facebook takes extra effort to detect and eliminate any account that shows a bot-like activity. And it’s quite easy to detect that the profile is fake if its IP address matches IPs of other profiles.

But it’s simple to avoid this limitation with proxies. Just use a different proxy for a different account, and the system will suspect nothing. And to improve user experience and ensure that no one gets caught, Infatica will rotate your proxies hourly. It means that you will get another IP address every hour.

Many companies have an intuitive feeling that proxies can really help in their marketing campaigns — but they don't know the details. In this section, we'll outline the main scenarios in which proxies can be a great supplementary tool.

So, you need Facebook proxies if you...

Need to create several accounts

Proxies will let you change the IP address for each profile. Then Facebook will think all your different accounts are indeed held by real people. It will help you avoid blocks. You should remember just one thing — stick to one country for one profile. It’s suspicious if an account “travels” from the United Kingdom to Austria and then to Russia in one day.

Want to check how your ads look from different locations

If you want to see if you’ve targeted your ad campaign properly, you can use proxies to change your location and check if ads are displayed correctly. Just be careful — like we said above, it’s better to stick to one IP for one profile.

Got your IP address blocked

As proxies allow you to mask your real IP address, you can avoid the IP block if you managed to get one. We advise you to use residential proxies in this case as they offer more reliable coverage than datacenter ones.

Need to bypass geo-restrictions

Facebook is banned in certain countries (ex. China, Iran). So the only way to access this social media platform from these locations is to pretend you’re based in another country. The only complication you might face is that you won’t be able to download and install a proxy once you’re in such a country. So if you’re heading to a location where Facebook is restricted, make sure you get proxies before your arrival.

Why choose proxies from Infatica?

We offer numerous advantages that make our services so appealing. Learn what benefits you’ll get if you choose Infatica as your proxy provider.

Choose between residential and datacenter proxies

We offer both kinds of proxies. Usually, we can see that our customers are using datacenter proxies for social media platforms as they are cheaper, and they offer a sticky connection — you remain connected to the same proxy server until you disconnect or change the location. However, many clients opt for residential proxies, too. This service will let you appear as a real resident of a certain country to Facebook. Therefore, the chances that you get blocked are much lower.

Enjoy the high speed

Both residential and datacenter proxies offer a high bandwidth. Of course, the farther from you a proxy server is located, the slower your connection will be. But even if you’re located in another part of the globe relatively to the proxy, you’ll still have a decent speed. As the country doesn’t matter much to Facebook, we advise you to pick proxies located nearby you for the fastest connection.

Set up the rotation

On default, our residential proxies are rotated each hour. It means that you get another IP address every 60 minutes. However, you can set up your own schedule that fits your needs and helps you execute your goals. Ideally, you want to change the IP address every time you log into another account — then all profiles will have a different location, and Facebook won’t suspect a thing.

Clear pricing

We offer flexible pricing plans that can fit any budget and requirements. Can’t find a suitable plan or you’re not sure which one to choose? Simply contact us and we will help you pick the service, or we can create a custom plan just for you.

Our support team is easy to reach

If you have any questions or face some difficulties with Infatica proxies, our service team is ready to step in and help you. We do our best to provide our customers with support as fast as possible.

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