Using Proxy Servers for Better Social Media Marketing

As it turns out, proxy servers can also prove useful to social media managers. In this article, we'll outline several reasons for using proxies if you want to improve your social media marketing.

Using Proxy Servers for Better Social Media Marketing
Sharon Bennett
Sharon Bennett 6 min read
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  1. What Is a Proxy?
  2. Why Would You Use Proxies for Social Media Management?
  3. What Kind of Proxies Fits the Social Media Manager’s Needs?
  4. Pool of Proxy Servers: What Is It?
  5. What Else Can You Do to Keep Your Account Active?
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing instruments today. That’s the reason why brands focus a lot of their efforts on promoting their products and services on social platforms. Many supporting tools emerged over the last few years, and using them, brands can level up their game.

One of such tools is a proxy server, which is mostly used for data scraping. Nonetheless, social media managers found a way to utilize them, too. So let’s take a look at how you can take advantage of a social media proxy.

What Is a Proxy?

Proxies are remote servers you can connect to. They create a layer between your device and the resource you're accessing. Thus, the server you arrive at doesn’t see your real data and location. Instead, only data of the proxy server you’re connected to is visible.

Explanation of how a proxy server works
Making the communication easier and safer

This allows you to fake your location and hide your real one to stay anonymous. Also, it gives you a lot more room to play when it comes to social media.

Why Would You Use Proxies for Social Media Management?

Social media managers practice creating a lot of accounts to promote a brand. But here is the issue they face - Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms are not fond of those users who have multiple accounts. How does the system detect that there is only one person behind all those profiles? Very simply, by the IP address.

Using a proxy server for social media management
Your IP address is a digital fingerprint

Trying to create several accounts from one IP address, you will fail almost immediately, and all the profiles will be banned. However, if you use proxies switching from one remote server to another when logging into different accounts, the system will think that those truly are different people accessing their social media profiles from different places.

What Kind of Proxies Fits the Social Media Manager’s Needs?

There are various options of proxies, and not each of them is suitable for social media promotion. Also, it’s quite simple to get confused with all the kinds. So let us learn about each type.

Avoid Public Proxies

They are usually the first choice of those who are new to this technology because they’re free. But you shouldn’t be lured by this fact. Public proxies are available to virtually everyone, and not each person is using them for good. As a result, most of them are already blacklisted. You will get your accounts banned in no time using public proxies. Also, often, they’re infected with malware, which puts your devices at risk.

Shared Proxies

They’re not free, but they’re affordable enough. Infatica offers three options of shared proxies:

  • Datacenter
  • Residential
  • Mobile

Datacenter proxies are the cheapest. Such a type is a remote server you get connected to before actually logging into your social media account. These proxies offer high speed, but they are not perfectly anonymous because many users are connected to the same server. So there is a very slight chance that the social media platform will detect that you’re using a proxy.

However, it’s quite unlikely to happen. It is a very rare coincidence for several users to be logged into the same social media platform from different accounts through the same datacenter proxy. And even if someone is using the same proxy as you, it’s not a big deal. People can browse the same platform, sitting in the same room, right? That’s why we would recommend choosing datacenter proxies for social media management.

Residential proxies cost more, although they can offer more reliability. Such a proxy is a real existing device with an authentic IP address issued by a real provider. Since the IP is unique, the social media platform has no chance to notice that an account is utilizing a proxy. Although the IPs get rotated every hour, so the social media platform might get suspicious if your location changes so quickly. If you want to use more reliable residential proxies for social media management, you will need a tool that will control your IPs as well. Then you can use a pool of proxies without any worries or hassle.

Mobile proxies have the highest price, and they provide you with an IP address that belongs to a mobile device. This kind is somewhat too much for social media management because it’s not necessary for accounts to have a mobile IP.

Pool of Proxy Servers: What Is It?

A pool of IP addresses used in proxies

It’s a list of residential IPs you can get access to. They get transferred from one user to another to minimize the risk of getting blocked. Infatica offers several plans with pools of different sizes. So you can pick the option that fits your needs and style of work. If you don't know how many addresses you need - reach out to us, and we will help you out.

Infatica rotates residential proxies every hour. If you need another pattern, you can stick to some proxy management tool that will rotate IP addresses differently. Then you can use your pool with maximum efficiency.

What Else Can You Do to Keep Your Account Active?

Today you can find many tools that will create profiles on social media in bulk automatically so that you don’t have to waste your time on it. The most frequent mistake social media managers make is that they use a new account right away. It can lead to that profile getting blocked. That’s why you need to let accounts settle for a week or so. Then you can begin using several profiles, but not all of them at once.

Also, make sure the same account doesn’t use IP addresses located in different places. It’s suspicious if the user logs into the profile from the US today and from Russia tomorrow. You can stick to static proxies for the best result. Reach out to the Infatica service team, and we will help you to configure them for social media management.


Social media management became rather complex when marketing managers realized that social platforms are a great place for advertising. While most platforms offer built-in options for placing ads and reaching target audiences, it’s simply not enough for creating a sustainable relationship with customers.

Creating bulk accounts, managers face restrictions because social media platforms don't like such activity. Fortunately, you can use proxies to bypass those restrictions. If utilized correctly, proxy servers will boost your social media game and let you promote your brand more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Proxy servers that are specifically designed for social media use are called social media proxies. They allow users to bypass geographical restrictions and access social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube from anywhere in the world.

One option is to bypass geographic restrictions: If you're trying to access content that's only available in certain parts of the world, you can use a proxy server to route your traffic through a server in the desired country. This will let you circumvent any regional restrictions that may be in place.

There are many factors that affect the speed of a proxy, including the type of proxy, the server location, and the connection speed. However, generally speaking, private proxies tend to be the fastest type of proxy. This is because they are typically used by a small number of users and are not bogged down by a lot of traffic.

Yes, Instagram does work on proxy. However, depending on the proxy settings, there may be some limitations. For example, if you are using a proxy that only allows HTTP traffic, then you will not be able to view any SSL-protected content on Instagram. Additionally, if your proxy is not set up correctly, it can cause errors when trying to load Instagram pages.

Sharon Bennett

Sharon Bennett is a networking professional who analyzes various measures of online censorship. She lends her expertise to Infatica to explore how proxies can help to address this problem.

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