Reddit proxies: what are they, and why do you need them?

Reddit proxies: what are they, and why do you need them?

Reddit is a pure phenomenon. It’s one of a few forums left after social media has arrived. But it didn’t manage just to stay. Reddit remains the major platform for discussions. Thousands of users share their experience, knowledge, and thoughts here every day. And marketing managers, of course, cannot overlook such an opportunity to promote products and services here.

However, significant opportunities come with substantial difficulties. Almost all the marketing methods that work at desired efficiency require some sneakiness from brands. And proxies will make you a true marketing ninja on Reddit. Wondering how? Continue reading.

What is a proxy?

Basically, proxies are real remote devices with real IP addresses. They work as an intermediary between your device and Reddit. Using a proxy, you will first connect to the remote device, route your traffic through it and only then - to Reddit website. Thus, in the endpoint, you will appear to have an IP address of that remote device you’re connected to.

Why would you need proxies for Reddit?

There are several reasons why you might want to route your traffic through the remote device. The most obvious one - you can’t reach Reddit because of geo-restrictions. This resource is blocked in certain countries (China and Indonesia, for example). Also, many companies and educational organizations would block access to Reddit so that employees or students can’t reach it.

Then proxies will solve the problem. Since you will appear to have another IP address than you really have and, consequently, another location, you will be granted access to Reddit.

Marketing managers face other issues proxies can solve. For instance, to attract users to a certain topic and to improve the image of the brand’s account, they will create multiple accounts. Using them, they upvote and comment on topics bringing them to the top. Also, upvotes improve the image of the primary account.

Obviously, it is a rather dull and monotonous job to do. That’s why there are various tools for management of multiple accounts on Reddit. And the best thing about such services is that most of them allow applying proxies to the tool so that the accounts don’t get blocked.

The last but not least case is the need to remain anonymous. If you don’t want anyone to track your real location, you should use proxies. They will keep your real data hidden from prying eyes.

To summarize, you need proxies for Reddit if you:

  • promote products and services using several accounts;
  • use tools to manage accounts;
  • want to remain anonymous;
  • face geo-restrictions.

Why Infatica proxies?

  • Only real residential locations. You will never get blocked for using our proxies.
  • High speed. Stay safe without any inconveniences.
  • Create a schedule. Set the connection duration you need.
  • Rotating addresses. Get a new IP with each request.
  • Clear pricing. You always know what you pay for.
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