Proxies for Craigslist posting

Thousands of people use Craigslist to buy and sell goods and services. Both sellers and buyers sometimes face issues when accessing this platform. Then proxies come to the rescue.

Proxies for Craigslist posting
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  1. What is a Craigslist proxy?
  2. Why does it matter?
  3. Why do you need Craigslist proxies?
  4. Why you should choose Infatica proxies
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Thousands of people use Craigslist to buy and sell goods and services they need. But both sellers and buyers sometimes face some issues accessing this platform. Then proxies for Craigslist posting come to the rescue.

What is a Craigslist proxy?

Proxy is an IP address of the real device. Once you connect to it, you will appear to be located wherever this device is. Thus, with a proxy, you can fake your IP address and location to avoid certain restrictions. Here’s a visual explanation of how proxies work:

Proxies act as an intermediary between the user and the server

Proxies are rotated every hour. It means that you will automatically get a new IP address every 60 minutes. All proxies you will be connected to are residential which means that they provide the user a real existing IP address of a real device. Internet resources recognize residential proxies as home-based IP addresses. Therefore, regardless of your real location, you will appear to be a generic user who enters the site from home.

Why does it matter?

Craigslist doesn’t allow many things, and VPN is one of them. This classified ads platform bans servers that belong to VPN providers so that users can’t avoid geo-restrictions. And it is simple to detect a VPN server since many users are constantly connected to it.

But it’s not that easy to spot a Craigslist proxy. First of all, it will never make you look suspicious since you will appear to use a home device. Also, you’ll get a new IP address every hour. That’s why it is much safer to use proxies for Craigslist than VPN services. You can be sure your account won’t get banned.

Why do you need Craigslist proxies?

Proxies allow you to mask your real IP address. Therefore, you can stay anonymous and access geo-restricted content using them. So, when it comes to proxies, there are several cases when you might need them.

You want to post multiple ads

Using proxies, you can mask your real IP address and pretend to be someone else. Therefore, you can create several accounts to post ads to increase the coverage. Simply connect to another proxy server once you log into the next account, and the system won’t suspect a thing.

You want to target a foreign audience

Craigslist will let you access only the audience that’s located in the same country as you. Since proxies will let you fake your location, you can access foreign buyers using them. Just choose the country you need and connect to a proxy server located there. Now you can target the audience from another place.

Your access to Craigslist is denied for any reason

Proxies allow easier access to Craigslist

Did you get blocked by your IP address on Craigslist? That’s not a problem — proxies will let you bypass this restriction. If you want to target the audience from your country, simply pick the proxy server from your location, and you’ll be able to view and sell on Craigslist just like you would without proxies.

You prefer to remain anonymous

If you’re worried about your privacy, you can use proxies to remain anonymous when buying and selling things on Craigslist. However, you should remember that the information you’ve shared in your profile remains public despite the use of proxies. They will only help you hide your IP address and, therefore, location.

Why you should choose Infatica proxies

We do our best to provide you with high-quality proxies that will ease things for you. Here are the advantages you’ll get when you choose Infatica as your proxy provider.

Both datacenter and residential proxies

You can choose between these kinds of proxies when you use Infatica. If you just need to change your location or hide your IP address, datacenter proxies will be sufficient. But if you’re managing several accounts, opt for residential proxies as they will give you more flexibility and better coverage. We offer only real IP addresses as residential proxies that belong to existing devices. Therefore, you’ll appear as a genuine resident of a country you’ve picked.

High speed

We work hard on making bandwidth as high as possible so that our customers don’t experience any issues. That’s why you won’t experience significant delays when using Infatica proxies. However, we advise you to choose locations that are closer to you so that the speed is higher.

Create a schedule

By default, our proxies rotate each hour. It means that you’ll be getting a new IP address every 60 minutes. But we also offer the ability to create a schedule and rotate proxies as you need. It’s especially convenient for those users who are managing multiple accounts at Craigslist.

Clear pricing

We offer different plans to provide you with flexible pricing. Therefore, you can choose the number of proxies you need without paying too much. And if you can’t find the plan that fits you, simply drop us a line — we will create a custom one for you.

Always get help

Our support team is always ready to step in and help you out if you face any issues. Infatica specialists will guide you through processes that seem complex for you and answer all your questions to make sure you don’t experience any more difficulties with Infatica proxies.

  • Clad Genius
  • ClassifiedLiveAds
  • Scrapy,
  • and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Craigslist is a service that allows you to bypass your own internet provider and browse the internet anonymously. By using a web-based proxy server, you can mask your IP address and surf the internet without revealing your true identity

Some proxies can indeed be detected: This is particularly the case with non-private proxies (e.g. datacenter ones) because they often force their users to share their IP addresses with each other. Private proxies are harder to track because their IP addresses are sourced from local residents.

The best proxy for Craigslist should have several features: high performance (and unlimited bandwidth), low response time, white-listed IP addresses, and near 100% uptime.

Here's some fun trivia: infatica's proxies have all of these features.

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