7 myths about proxies for businesses

7 myths about proxies for businesses

It’s not that easy to understand all the details about proxies. That’s why there are so many myths about this technology. To not let them stop you from using proxies to improve the results of your business, we’re going to bust all those myths you’ve heard about.

Myth #1: proxies are the same as a VPN

It’s not true. While both technologies keep you safe online and are similar, they have differences as well. VPN keeps you connected to one remote server until you switch to another one or disconnect from it. It means that this service is useless for scraping and other activities that require many IP addresses for the process to be smooth and successful.

Once you choose your proxy plan, you get access to the pool of IP addresses. They are rotated with each request, which makes it possible for you to perform the desired actions. Therefore, you remain protected from bans, and your activity will not get detected as suspicious by servers.

Myth #2: proxies are slow

It really depends on the provider. Infatica offers residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies with high bandwidth. So you won’t even notice that you’re accessing the destination site, not directly. However, if the proxy server is located far away from you, the connection might become slower. But again, in most cases, the difference is not significant.

Myth #3: it’s easy to detect a proxy

This myth emerged because of public proxies. These are free and, consequently, are available for everyone. Not every user on the Internet utilizes public proxies with good intentions. That’s why these IP addresses often get blacklisted and are easy to detect.

It’s not the case with proxies Infatica offers. We thoroughly study our clients and make sure no one uses proxies for malicious purposes. That’s why Infatica’s proxies are safe to use and absolutely anonymous. It’s virtually impossible to detect that the user connects to the destination server through our proxy.

Well, in some countries like China, there might be some issues with proxies because of the specifics of local laws. But in most locations on Earth, proxies are absolutely legal. Infatica offers proxies that are fully compliant, so you shouldn’t be worried about anything using them.

Myth #5: it’s dangerous to use proxies

Again, this myth was born thanks to public proxies that are often infected by malware. It’s untrue for residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies that Infatica offers. We take care of both of the reliability of our proxies and the safety of our client’s data. Also, we always study the potential clients that are willing to use our services to make sure they will not perform any malicious actions using Infatica proxies.

Myth #6: proxies are useful only for scraping

Even though they’re often used for data scraping, it’s not the only use case. For example, marketing managers can perform researches and check the efficiency of ad campaigns, thanks to proxies. Social media managers can work with several accounts without any issues using Infatica’s IP addresses. Developers can test their software from different locations connecting to different proxy servers.

And those are just a few ways to use proxies. Every business comes up with unique use cases.

Myth #7: you need a whole separate system to manage proxies

Back in the day, you’d need a system that will rotate and replace blocked proxies. That’s a lot of hassle, and it’s one of the reasons why many businesses avoided this technology. But today, Infatica replaces IP addresses for you and rotates them with each request. Therefore, you can focus on your goals and leave the tech side for us to handle.

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