Residential Proxy Services for

Cybersecurity Firms

Threat Simulation from a True
Residential Proxy Pool

Why Would a Cybersecurity Firm Need Residential Proxies?

Testing is an integral part of your services. Infatica's dense global network of real residential IP proxies lets you test without limits, on your schedule.

Show your clients how a malicious botnet might seek to disrupt service by simulating a coordinated DDoS. Launch a Metasploit scan or exploit. Test resiliance to brute force attacks. Work with your client's own IT department to harden their servers against intrusion. This is all possible with Infatica.

Using Proxies on the Job in Cybersecurity

Blackbox pen testing: residential proxies that mask the source of an exploit help you attempt to access restricted systems unannounced.

Using a datacenter-based proxy does provide anonymity, but a hardened system may flag the datacenter's IP range.

A residential proxy will provide anonymity with lower likelihood of triggering alarms and challenges at the target server.

Cybersecurity Experts Need Flexible Proxy Plans

No two jobs are the same. Infatica provides the selective geotargeting you need to stage varied exploits

Pay for what you need. Start and stop your plan. Ramp up and down.

Pay by the stream. No bandwidth charges.

Why Cybersecurity Experts Choose Infatica

True Residential Proxies

When a Cybersecurity company needs to run scans and tests under cover, they can do no better than to connect to their targets from the real IP addresses of real people in their homes.

Highest Anonymity

Infatica residential access points are indistinguishable from real internet service customers. Real user browsing history covers your testing intentions and masks your point of origin.

Global Inventory

Precisely map your attack topology using the Infatica geoselection tool. Select country, state or province, city or town. Rotate within or between zones.

Cybersecurity Teams Love Infatica

Cybersecurity companies prefer Infatica for its easy configuration, transparent pricing, and more.

"In my role, the first thing I need from a proxy provider is flexibility. Infatica lets me define my geolocation profiles and doesn't lock me into a monthly contract."
- Security Analyst, a US Cybersecurity firm


8 000 proxies / 500 streams
IPs 8000
500 threads are included
Rotating proxy pool
Choose plan
20000 proxies / 1000 streams
IPs 20000
1000 threads are included
Rotating proxy pool
Choose plan
3 000 proxies / 500 streams
IPs 3000
500 threads are included
Rotating proxy pool
Choose plan
IPs 16000
2000 threads are included
Rotating proxy pool
Choose plan

Start a Cybersecurity Project with Infatica

If you are a cybersecurity company, please contact us today for a no-cost consultation. We are happy to provide a binding estimate for any number of residential Socks/http proxies in the geography of your choice.