Why do you need the US proxies?

Why do you need the US proxies?

Almost every active Internet user at least once has faced the need to get the US IP address. There are so many websites and resources on the web that are accessible only to American citizens that everyone else in the world starts feeling somewhat limited. Although every issue always finds its solution. So has happened in this case. Now we have an ultimate solution - VPN services that will make you appear like you’re using the US IP address.

But why would you need proxies then? Well, the thing is that resources that want to ban non-USA users from their servers will find a way to do it perfectly well. They would create sophisticated systems that can detect that the user has routed the connection via the VPN server. Such a situation simply cannot happen with residential proxies.

How do websites detect VPN servers and why proxies are hard to detect?

Trying to keep users from other countries away, server owners use the database of servers that belong to VPN providers. And it’s not very hard to determine that a certain server is a VPN server - many users would have its IP address. It is quite logical to suppose that if numerous users seem to connect to the Internet from one place, it might be a VPN server. Also, often the connection such services offer is not very stable. It has to interrupt once for a second or two for the destination server to detect that you’re trying to disguise your real IP address.

Such an issue doesn’t happen with proxies, especially if we’re talking about residential ones. They are basically IP addresses that belong to real devices and issued by the Internet Service Provider. A residential proxy provides you with a unique IP and will reliably hide your authentic IP address. Therefore, the website that doesn’t allow non-US users will not detect that you’re using something to appear to be located in the US.

When should you use proxies instead of VPNs?

Obviously, the case for using proxies is when the website bans VPN servers. Generic users can utilize them for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu practice this. It is almost impossible to find the VPN service that will work with these platforms. And the ones that work tend to cost too much.

Businesses have much more uses for proxies. For example, proxies can give access to certain US based price aggregators. Many of them easily detect VPNs, but they don’t recognize proxies as unauthentic IP addresses. Thus, businesses can work with aggregators pretending to be located in the US and getting more advantages.

Another way for companies to utilize proxies is to track the uptime and performance of the application, service, or site from different locations. With the US proxy it is easy to see the experience users from the States have.

SEO agencies can get a lot of benefits using US proxies. They can perform global and limited crawls, track local search results, work on backlinks mapping, and track the client search rankings in the US. Internet-marketers will find US proxies useful for content and ad validation. data scraping, and generation of the US leads. Also, proxies allow working with bots and different social media accounts.

IT departments will find US proxies useful for cybersecurity, load simulation, and network troubleshooting. And academic organizations can use proxies to gather valuable data and perform researches. Overall, proxies are great for data acquisition.

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