How can proxies help your business win a competition?

How can proxies help your business win a competition?

We hear a lot about how important it is for businesses to use proxies. But why is it exactly important? And how will this technology help your company take over your competitors? Let’s take a look at real benefits a firm can get from such a simple thing as a proxy server.

They will let you gather data

Distil Network, a company that fights bots, reports that around 40% of the web traffic is generated by bots. And that’s quite a lot of you think about it. Of course, not all bots are malicious - less than half of them are harmful. Still, website owners want to protect themselves. That’s why they ban bots from their sites.

This situation is not quite pleasing for businesses, as many of them use bots to gather data and raise competitive intelligence. And proxies will help to bypass the block. Although we should note that you need residential proxies - requests sent by them looks like it’s sent by a real human because such proxies are authentic IP addresses issued by a real ISP.

Thus, you will have a chance to scrape all the needed data freely without any limitations if you use proxies. The information you gather can help you make better data-driven decisions. It will provide you with a big picture of the current situation on the market.

They will protect your brand

Many famous brands have a lot of fakers and lookalikes. To fight copycats, brands can use proxies to access websites of fake manufacturers from different locations. Usually, copycats will ban users from the country where the real producer is located. So proxies will come in handy here. Then the authentic brand can gather all the needed data and fight the faker.

They will help to test software

Development companies will benefit from proxies a lot since using them, developers can test features from different locations. Also, it is possible to test the capacity of the server by sending a lot of requests via proxies. It will let testers see how will software behave in the case of an overload.

Moreover, with proxies, developers can see how well the website performs when it’s accessed from different countries. As you can see, this technology is vital for the development company.

They will help you grow

Ad campaigns are very powerful if they’re set up correctly. Therefore, it is highly important to test them before launching. Otherwise, you risk losing a lot of money for no profit whatsoever. Using proxies, marketers can see how will the ad look from different locations.

Also, this technology allows checking the efficiency of local search engine optimization. And in general, proxies are very helpful when it comes to gathering data about the search engine. Google and other engines actively ban bots making it cumbersome to scrape information from the search. Proxies will help you bypass this restriction. Using them, you can send requests from different locations without raising suspicion from the engine.

Additionally, with proxies, you can track the marketing activities of your competitor and analyze how efficient they are. It will give you useful insights that will help marketers improve the strategy for your business.

In the world of Big Data, it’s crucial to take advantage of tons of information around us. Proxies will be your handy assistants in this mission. And as you get used to this technology, you will come up with even more ideas on how to take advantage of it.

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